​Every year we consult on a number of issues that may affect the community. Your feedback is important to us.

Below is a list of any plans, policies, or bylaws that have been or are currently out for public consultation.  Sometimes we will also ask for feedback on matters not related to the formal consultation process.

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Current Consultations

There are no consultations at present.

Recent Consultations 

​Date ​Title ​Process ​Submissions close
​Oct 2014Gambling Policy Amendments​10 Nov 2014
​Aug 2014​​Te Kopua Point Recreation Reserve Land Exchange​​10 Oct 2014​
​Sept 2014​​Taupo District in 10 years​LGA​26 Sept 2014​
​Aug 2014Bylaw Review 2014​​LGA​​1 Sep 2014
​June 2014​Memorial Guidelines​LGA​​30 June 2014
​Mar 2014Draft Annual Plan 2014-15​​LGA​2 May 2014
​Mar 2014​​Draft Tree and Vegetation Policy​LGA2 May 2014​
​​Dec 2013Motuoapa Water Supply Extension​LGA​28 Feb 2014 ​
​Dec 2013South Western Bay Settlements Reserve Management Plan Development​LGA​10 Feb 2014
​Nov 2013 'A Better Hawkes Bay' proposal ​LGA 29 Nov 2013
​Nov 2013 Tree and Vegetation Policy Review, informal feedback ​LGA 30 Nov 2013
​Aug 2013 Control of Dogs Bylaw ​LGA ​3 Sep 2013 ​
​Aug 2013 Dog Control Policy ​LGA ​3 Sep 2013 ​
​Aug 2013 Liquor Control Bylaw ​LGA ​3 Sep 2013
Aug 2013 General Bylaw No.1 ​LGA ​3 Sep 2013 ​
Mar 2013​ Annual Plan 2013/14 LGA​ 24 Apr 2013​
​Aug 2011 Plan Changes 28-33 ​RMA ​16 Sep 2011 ​
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