Celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Maori - Maori Language Week

​­This year's Maori Language Week slogan is "kia ora te Reo Maori" – give life to the Maori Language, and we've been celebrating it at Te Kaunihera a Rohe o Taupo – Taupo District Council with a few simple tips and tricks. We are introducing bilingual signage to our offices, so staff and visitors can read signs in both English and te Reo Maori, normalising and enhancing the use and improving understanding.

Strategic relationships manager Dominic Bowden said te Reo Maori was important because it was unique to New Zealand, and its survival was dependant on all Kiwis.

"We want to see more te Reo in everyday conversations – not just this week, but ia wiki (every week)," he said. "It's important for our culture, our community and our heritage as a nation."

Mr Bowden said staff were being encouraged to use te Reo Maori wherever possible, including in greetings, email signatures and everyday language.

"It's as simple as picking a favourite word and swapping it out for its corresponding Maori word," he said. "It's a really easy and effective way of familiarising yourself with the language.

Correct pronunciation is always a big challenge. I think an indication of progress is if our community can consistently pronounce 'Taupo' correctly, so kia kaha Toe-Paw!".

This week marks 30 years since te Reo Maori became an official language of New Zealand, so it's an extra special one.

We encourage everyone in our community to get involved!​

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