Erosion work to protect our lake shore

Erosion is an issue we are constantly battling in the Taupo District and, in partnership with Waikato Regional Council, we're currently working on minimising its effects in two locations: Kuratau and Taupo's hot water beach.

In Kuratau we have just finished spreading 1000m³ of sand to replenish the foreshore between the Kuratau River and the Parehopu Street car park. The sand was locally sourced from the Poutu Canal in Lake Rotoaira Forest and was donated by Genesis Energy.

District parks operations manager Greg Hadley said the sand replenishment was necessary as there was a deficit of sand in the local system and recent lake and weather conditions had accelerated the rate of sand loss.

"This spot at Kuratau is particularly susceptible to erosion and work here is ongoing. We last replaced sand in the area three years ago, and it had only recently depleted to a level that again needs to be replenished.

"We have had trees and a park bench fall into the lake already," he said. "There was the risk the car park at Parehopu Street could have ended up in the lake if we didn't protect the bank in this location."

Council undertook emergency works by constructing a rock revetment, a sloping rock retaining wall, to protect the infrastructure.

At hot water beach near the end of Mere Road on Taupo's lakefront, a similar rock revetment structure designed to reduce erosion is being constructed.

"If we don't address the erosion issue at hot water beach, the Lions' Walk that runs alongside it will fall into the water," Greg said. "Again, we also run the risk of the car park being affected."

The work at both Kuratau and the hot water beach is expected to be finished in the next couple of weeks.

Page reviewed: 14 Jul 2017 12:16pm