Policies, Plans & Bylaws

Annual Plans

The Annual Plan details the activities we intend to carry out over the coming financial year.

Annual Reports

A key document that compares our performance for the year against the forecast in the Annual Plan.

Asset Management Plans

Our management plans for our assets - water, transportation, solid waste, parks and reserves.


The rules or regulations made by the Council which protect our district and your rights.

District Plan

The District Plan sets out the policies and rules to manage the use of land in the area.

District Strategies

A high level plan of action to achieve a goal for a specific topic

Joint Management Agreements

Read about our Joint Management Agreements here.

Long Term Plans

Our long term plans set our strategic direction for a 10 year period.


This page lists our plans which includes our goals, policies and actions.


Find a list of our policies here.

Reserve Management Plans

A plan that set out how we intend to develop, maintain and protect our reserves.

Structure Plans

Structure plans outline our vision for particular areas.

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