District Plan

The Taupo District Plan sets out the policies and rules that a council will use to manage the use of land in its area.

The Taupo District Plan was made public on 18 July 2000. Submissions to the District Plan were heard by our Council and decisions were released in May 2003. All appeals on the District Plan were resolved in 2007 and the District Plan was made operative on 11 October 2007.

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Contact Information

If you wish to discuss matters regarding resource consents either as an applicant or as an affected person, please contact our development planner. This can be done by either booking an appointment, by email to info@taupo.govt.nz, or by phone on 07 376 0899.

For other queries relating to the Taupo District Plan and plan changes, you may contact us by:
Phone: 07 376 0899
Fax: 07 376 0728
Or write to:
Policy Team
Taupo District Council
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Taupo Mail Centre
Taupo 3352
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