Social Services Grant (Waiora House)


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Waiora Community Trust distributes funding on behalf of Taupo District Council. The funding is available to groups working in social services, to help the health and wellbeing of the community.

Funding rounds

Applications for the Social Services grant are currently closed. 

​​​Contact de​​tails

Waiora Community Trust 
129 Spa Road, Taupo
Phone - (07) 378 0953
E-mail -

Social Services grant recipients

Applicants April 2017AllocationDetails
Citizens Advice Bureau$2,000Part salary for coordinator May, June and July 2017
Taupō Community Food Bank$8,000

Part salary for Food Bank Coordinator

Taupō Women's Refuge$5,000

Part salary Refuge Coordinator

Age Concern Taupō Inc$2,000Part funding for Age Concern Newsletter

Operational costs

Taupō Budget Advisory Service$3,000Part salary for Community Educator
Family & Financial Solutions Trust$2,000

Part wages

CPD Parkinsonism Society Trust$2,6716 months mileage cost community educator to provide service to Taupō district
Empowered Learning Trust$6,000Screening students for visual, auditory and learning processing issues
Pregnancy Help Inc.$2,0003 months of gross wages
Taupō Neighbourhood Support $3,000To strengthen Growth of Groups Urban and Rural Providing a safer friendly Community
Mangakino Central Charitable Trust0To contribute towards our "Time to Talk" morning coffee – specifically advertising
Life Education Trust CP$1,200Purchase of student workbooks
60's Up Movement Taupō 0Continued wellbeing of all members by associating together 
Taupō Lifekeys Community Trust0Cap Debt Management Centre – operational costs
Anamata Cafe0Purchase defibrillator
Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc$4,717

Travel costs for Taupō liaison officer

Arthritis NZ$2,000Service delivery in Taupō
No Words Needed Group$1,500Suicide Prevention Day Taupō
Taupō Community Patrol$2,250Make Taupō a safer place for residents & tourists
Taupō Maori Wardens Sub Association Inc0Traffic Control Certification - Training

Purchase cat traps and vet desexing

​Applicants October 2016Allocation​Details​
Taupō Community Food Bank$8,000Project Food Bank – Food in Schools, Reduction of Debt, Service Provision
Taupō Women's Refuge$5,000Part salary Refuge Coordinator
Family & Financial Solutions Trust

Printing, phone and ink toners


Operational costs

Taupō Babywearers$500

Baby slings and carriers

English Language Partners Taupō$4,000Contribution towards teacher and coordinators wages
Citizens Advice Bureau$2,000Part salary for coordinator
Taupō Neighbourhood Support$6,700Project – increase membership and the Safety of our Rural members.
Taupō Budget Advisory Service$2,000Part salary for Community coordinator

Part salary for youth worker & clinical advisor

Age Concern Taupō Inc$4,400Part wages for coordinator
Pregnancy Help Inc.$1,179To supply essential new born baby items
Taupō Parents Centre$934Taupō car seats, signage and jacket
RNZ Foundation of the Blind$1,000To support the community, volunteer and recreation (CVR) program in Taupō area
Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc$717.50

Travel costs for Taupo liaison officer

Taupō Community Patrol$2,000Make Taupō a safer place for residents & tourists

​Applicants October 2015Allocation​​Details
Taupo Community Food Bank $10,000 Part salary for coordinator
Family & Financial Solutions Trust $1,172 Internet/phone costs and client task pads
Citizens Advice Bureau $2,000 Part salary for coordinator
Life Education Trust $1,000 Partial cost of workbooks for children to take to home to support learning
Taupo Neighbourhood Support $7,500 Part salary for coordinator
Alzheimers Taupo$1,500Field officer travel 6 months
Taupo Budget Advisory Service Inc. $2,000 Community educator part salary
APOPO$4,184 Update computers
Taupo Family Playcentre $1,260 First aid course for six parents
Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc. $560 Travel costs to Taupo clients


​Applicants April 2015Allocation​​​Details
​Taupo Community Food Bank$8,000​​Part salary for coordinator
​Citizens Advice Bureau​$2,000​Part coordinators salary
​Victim Support Taupo​$3,000​One month salary support
​Autism NZ – Taupo Branch$1,733​​Phone, petrol and salary (tagged salary)
​Alzheimer’s$​1,500​Field officer travel 6 months
​Taupo Parents Centre​$200​Speaker fees and car seat technician fees
​Family Works – PSN​0​Resources for new counselling room offices
​Taupo Women’s Refuge$3,000​​Part salary for accounts administrator
​Parent to Parent – CL​$500Part wages for Regional Coordinator in the Taupo area
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust​0Costs -​ telephone, insurance & fridge
​Age Concern Taupo​$5,000​Part wages for fieldworker
​Anamata Cafe/Cafe for Youth Health$299​​Fitted safety approved car seat
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust​$1,000​Part wages for coordinator
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support$6,000​​Part salary for coordinator
​Taupo Council of Social Services0​​Part salary for coordinator
​Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc.​$700​Travel costs to Taupo clients
​Mangakino Central Charitable Trust​0​Part salaries for Community manager and Financial Administrator
​APOPO$​6,000​Part of 6 months’ salary for APOPO youth worker
​Literacy Taupo Inc.​$2,000​Part salaries for both coordinators
​English Language Partners Taupo​​$2,000​Administration costs and part wages
​Dyslexia Support Taupo​$2,500​Training for parents/caregivers & teachers
​Growing Through Grief​$1079.83​Admin for 4 months & Mangakino mileage
​Life Education Trust​$1,000​Partial cost of workbooks for children to take home to support learning
​Pregnancy Help Inc. Taupo​0​Gazebo, phone/shredder, display table, business cards
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service Inc.​$3,000​Community Educator Part Salary
​Taupo Community Patrol​​$3,000​Part operating costs for 6 months
​Total Funding Awarded​$52,511.83

​Applicants October 2014​​​Allocation​Details
​Alzheimer’s ​​$1,500​ Mileage for 2 field officers
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service​$3,000​Community Educator Part Salary
​Taupo’ s Women’s Refuge ​$4,000​Part salary assistant coordinator
​Taupo Community Food Bank ​$8,000​Part salary for coordinator
​Life Education Trust ​$1,000​Partial cost of take home workbooks for Taupo children
​English Language Partners Taupō $​2,000​Administration costs and part wages
​Citizens Advice Bureau ​$2,000​Part coordinators salary
​Anamata Cafe – Cafe for Youth Health ​$1,500​3 weeks wages to pay present staff to train new admin manager.
​Age Concern Taupō ​$3,000​Part wages for fieldworker
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust ​​$1,000​Part wages for coordinator
​APOPO ​$6,000 ​Part salary for APOPO youth worker
​Taupo Senior Net ​$100New Printer​
​Taupo Family Play Centre ​$480First Aid courses for three parents​
​Lake Taupo Hospice ​$1,000​Printing for Palliative Care Education Programme
​Parkinson's CPD $​4,450​6 months mileage costs for Taupo fieldworkers
​Growing Through Grief ​$1,112​Admin costs and children’s journals
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust ​$500​Telephone costs
​Dyslexia Support Taupo​$2,500​Specialised tutoring costs
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support ​$5,000​Coordinator salary
​Taupo Community Patrol ​$1,700​Part operating costs for 6 months
​Total Funding Awarded​$49,842

Applicants April 2014​Allocation ​Details
APOPO$5,000Part salaries for 2 employees
Arthritis Foundation$1,500​​Part salary for Taupo educator
​Taupo Parents Centre​$1,200​Tagged for 'Baby and You' courses
Taupo Community Food Bank​$8,000Part salary for co-ordinator
​​Alzheimer's​$1,500​Mileage for 2 Taupo field officers
​​Citizens Advice Bureau​$2,000​Part salary for co-ordinator
​​Age Concern Taupo​$3,395​Tagged for computer and part salary
​​Victim Support Taupo$3,000​​Part salary for co-ordinator
​​Pregnancy Help$500​​Tagged for wages
​Taupo Women's Refuge$2,000​​Part wages; accounts & crisis worker
​Parent to Parent Central Lakes District ​$500​Part salary for co-ordinator
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support​$4,000​Part salary for co-ordinator
​Anamata Cafe0​
​Growing Through Grief$​1751.27Seasons programme to school​
​Taupo 1st Scouts​0
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust​0
​Taupo Community Patrol​$3,500​Part operating costs​
​Birthright Taupo​0
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust​0
​Taupo Council of Social Services0​
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service​$3,000Part salary community educator​
​​Dyslexia Support Taupo​$5,000Part costs for screening test assessments​
​Whakamaru Play Centre​0
​Wairakei Play Centre​0

Applicants October 2013​Allocation
Taupo Women's Refuge$2,000
Taupo Community Food Bank$10,000​
​Schizophrenia Fellowship​$4,000
​Parkinson's CPD​$3,060
​Age Concern Taupo Inc.​$2,000
​English Language Partners​0
​Parent to Parent Central Lakes​$500
​Cafe for Youth Health​$5,000
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support​$3,000
​Central Plateau REAP - Family Start​0
​Growing Through Grief​$1,568
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust​0
​Life Education Trust Taupo/Ruapehu​$750
​Pregnancy Help Inc.0
​Birthright Taupo​0
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service​$3,000
​Country Kidz ECE (formerly Tirohanga/Mokai Childcare Centre)​0
​Taupo Council of Social Services​0
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust​0
​Citizens Advice Bureau​$2,000
​Families Advance​0
​Taupo Community Patrol​$1,950
​Dyslexia Support Taupo$3,900​

​Applicants April 2013 ​Allocation
Taupo Community Food Bank​ $8,000
​Parent to Parent Central Lakes ​$500
​Schizophrenia Fellowship $2,000​
​Citizens Advice Bureau $2,000​
​RNZSPCA Taupo 0​
​Parkinson’s CPD $1,632​
​Taupo Council of Social Services 0​
​Alzheimer’s $2,000​
​Life Education Trust Taupo/Ruapehu $500​
​Big Brothers Big Sisters 0​
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service $3,000​
​Te Whare O Manaaki $2,000​
​Cafe for Youth Health $2,000​
​Growing Through Grief $1,264​
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust 0​
​Lake Taupo Radio Mariners Inc. $3,000​
​Birthright Taupo 0​
​Taupo Hospital & Health Society Inc. $5,000​
​Taupo Maori Wardens $397​
​Tirohanga/Mokai Childcare Centre 0​
​Taupo Parents Centre $900​
​Pregnancy Help Inc. 0​
​Victim Support Taupo $2,000​
​Literacy Taupo 0​
​Taupo Community Men’s Shed $358​
​Age Concern Taupo Inc. $2,000​
​Taupo Community Patrol $2,500​
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