Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Rural Travel Fund was set up by SPARC NZ to encourage participation in sport by people living in rural communities. The fund enables sports clubs and schools to offset some of the costs associated with travelling long distances to attend regular sporting competitions. 

Funding rounds

​Applications for the Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund have ​now closed. The next funding round will open again in January 2018.

Application for the rural travel fund is open to rural sports clubs and rural school teams with young people aged between fi​ve and 19 years who require subsidies to assist with transport expenses to local sporting competitions. The fund is NOT provided for the purpose of travel to regional or national competitions or events.


Rose Prisk
Community Development Officer
07 376 0640
Taupo Sports Services website

Funding recipients ​

Applicant 2017​Allocation
Dambusters Rugby League$500.00
Great Lake Taupo Hockey Club Inc$500.00
Marotiri Primary School$500.00
Marotiri Soccer Club$500.00
Phoenix Rugby League$1,700.00
Tauhara College$3,200.00
Taupo Cricket Inc$700.00
Taupo nui-a-Tia College$5,000.00
Taupo Sports$500.00
Taupo Junior Rugby$1,000.00
Taupo Tennis Club$300.00
Taupo United Rugby$500.00
Te Kura o Hirangi$1,200.00
Tongariro School$2,200.00
Tongariro Junior Rugby$500.00
Whakamaru School $500.00

​Applicant 2016Allocation​
​Taupo Junior Rugby - 
Mangakino Hawks League Club Inc.
Declined - didn't meet criteria
​Phoenix Rugby League​$2000.00
​Taupo Junior Rugby​$1000.00
​Great Lake Taupo Hockey Club Inc.​$800.00
​Taupo Nui-a-Tia College​$4000.00
​Taupo Rugby Football Club Inc.​$1000.00
​Taupo Tennis Club​$500.00
​Taupo United Rugby Club​$1000.00
​Te Kura O Hirangi​$1000.00
​Tongariro School​$2000.00
​Turangi Angels Netball​$500.00
​Turangi Wanderers Football Club​$500.00
​Taupo Waka Ama ClubDeclined - didn't meet criteria
​Whakamaru School​$1000.00
​Tauhara College​$3000.00
​Taupo Cricket Inc.​$1000.00


​Applicant 2015Allocation​
​Taupo Junior Rugby ​$1000.00
​Phoenix Under 11's Rugby League​$2000.00
​Taupo nui-a-Tia College​$4846.96
​Tauhara College​$2500.00
​Taupo BMX​Declined
​Taupo Cricket Inc.​$800.00
​Taupo Tennis Club​Declined
​Taupo United Rugby Club​$1000.00
​Turangi Angels Netball​$500.00
​Turangi Tokaanu Sport & Cultural Club Inc.​$1000.00
​Turangi Wanderers Football Club​$250.00
​Whakamaru School​$1000.00


​Applicant 2014​Allocation
Tauhara Te Maunga Sports Club$1,000.00
Tauhara College$1,900.00
Turangi Wanderers Football Club$500.00
Taupo Rugby Sub Union$1,200.00
Taupo Association Football Club$500.00
Te Kura o Waitahanui$500.00
Tongariro School$1,800.00
Te Kura o Hirangi$800.00
Pheonix Under 11's Rugby League$1,200.00
Taupo nui-a-Tia College$2,300.00
Marotiri Soccer Club$1,000.00
Taupo BMX$1,200.00
Turangi Junior Rugby $800.00
Whakamaru School$800.00


Applicant 2013 Allocation
Phoenix Under 11​
Tauhara College ​
​Taupo BMX
​Taupo-Nui-a-Tia College
Taupo Tennis​
$​ 588
​Taupo Rugby Sub Union
​Tongariro Sports Club
Whakamaru School ​
​Tongariro School $2100
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