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Access the new Mapi HTML5 viewer!

The original Mapi Silverlight viewer is still available - but it does not work on mobile devices or Google Chrome.

Please ensure that you read through our disclaimer before using Mapi. Use of Mapi is subject to your acceptance of the disclaimer.

About Mapi

Mapi is a free mapping application that uses a GIS (Geographic Information System) to enable you to view property and land information, networked services, the District Plan and aerial photography in the Taupo District.

Mapi is easy to navigate and has some extremely useful features that will continue to be developed. With Mapi you can:

  • Search for property information
  • See the latest aerial photography
  • Find the location of council-owned water, wastewater and storm water pipes
  • View contours over your property
  • See what day your rubbish is collected
  • Find the closest council reserve and;
  • View District Plan information.

Before getting started

If you are using the Silverlight version of Mapi then please ensure you have the latest version of Silverlight installed here. Please consider moving to the new HTML5 version of Mapi from Silverlight as soon as you are comfortable with doing so. If you are experiencing issues with the Silverlight viewer then please try clearing your browser cache.

To ensure you get the most out of this site we have put together a Mapi User Guide (currently Silverlight only) to help with navigation, toolbars and layers.

GIS data services

If you use ESRI’s ArcGIS software then you are now able to access the same services that are used by the Mapi viewer:

This link provides Mapi and Imagery services only - all other services are restricted. Please ensure that you read through our disclaimer before using the services. Use of our GIS services is subject to your acceptance of the disclaimer.

Contact us

We would like to hear your feedback on our Mapi site including any suggestions you have for new functionality or data. You can contact us through the General Feedback online form.

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