Representation Review 2018


​​Why undertake a representation r​​eview?

Like other councils, we are required to undertake a review of our current representation arrangements once every six years. This is to ensure we provide fair and effective representation for people and their communities, provide an effective voice, strengthen local democracy and help maintain confidence in local government.

We undertook some pre-consultation with the community during March and April to get some initial feedback before a preferred option was chosen.  The council decided on an initial proposal and called for formal submissions.

What we need to consi​​der

Councils always need to keep in mind the principle of fair and effective representation for individuals and communities. This requires consideration of three key factors:

  • Identifying communities of interest;
  • Effective representation of these communities of interest; and
  • Fair representation of electors - based on the '±10 percent rule' for wards and subdivisions of community board areas, though exceptions may be approved by the Local Government Commission.

As part of this review, we must also consider whether we need community boards in order to help achieve fair and effective representation.

What is the fair represent​ation plus or minus 10 percent rule?

The Local Government Commission's goal is to ensure there is one elected member for an equal part of the population plus or minus 10 percent.  For the Taupo District this means one elected member for every 3019 to 3689 people, unless there is a particular community of interest which may justify otherwise.  ​

What is the st​atus quo?

The Taupo District has one mayor who is elected ‘at large’.

We also have 10 councillors elected from three different wards.
  • One councillor is elected from the Mangakino-Pouakani ward;
  • Two councillors are elected from the Turangi-Tongariro ward; and
  • Seven councillors elected from the Taupō-Kaingaroa ward.
There is also the Turangi-Tongariro Community Board, which represents the interest of the Turangi-Tongariro Ward. It has a membership of eight: six elected community board representatives and two district councillors. 

The map below shows the current arrangements (including the population ratios).

What is being proposed?

At the May council meeting, it was resolved to consult with our communities on an initial proposal that meets the Local Government Commissions plus or minus 10 per cent rule. 

That proposal is for Taupo District Council to have 11 councillors representing five wards.  One Mayor will be elected at large to represent the whole district.  The five wards would be:​

​WardCommunities of interest​
Kinloch/Oruanui    ​The area comprising the township of Kinloch and predominantly rural areas of Oruanui and Wairakei/Aratiatia which includes Wairakei Village and Ohaaki.
Mangakin​o/Pouakani  ​The area comprising the urban township of Mangakino and the predominantly rural area from Waihaha to Kawakawa including the rural localities of Tihoi, Mokai, Orakei Korako, Tirohanga and Whakamaru and the villages of Whakamaru and Atiamuri.  
Southeast Rural Ward   ​The area comprising lakeshore settlements of Omori, Pukawa, Kuratau, Whareroa, Tokaanu, Waihi, Motutere, Motuoapa, Te Rangiita, Waitetoko, Hatepe and Waitahanui and the predominantly rural areas from Kuratau to Broadlands including the rural and afforested localities Rangitaiki and Lake Rotoaira.
Taupo Town ​The area comprising the urban area of Taupo Township and encompassing Acacia Bay to Five Mile Bay.     
Turangi Town   T​he area comprising the Turangi Township. 

The population that each member will represent is as follows:

Ward    Pop​ulationMembersPopulation per member
Southeast Rural 3,07013,070
Taupo Town23,92073,417
Turangi Town3,30013,300

​*Note: These figures are based on a New Zealand Statistics estimate as of 30 June 2017 as latest Census figures will not be confirmed in time to use as part of the proposal.

The map below shows the proposed wards (including the population ratios).​

What about co​​mmunity boards?

It is proposed that there will be one community board elected. That community board will be:

Southeastern   The area comprising the Turangi   Township, the lakeshore settlements of Omori, Pukawa Bay, Kuratau, Whareroa, Tokaanu, Waihi, Motutere, Motuoapa, Te Rangiita, Waitetoko, Hatepe and Waitahanui, and the predominantly rural and afforested area from Kuratau to Broadlands.

The Southeastern Community Board would elect six members, three of which will be elected from the Turangi Town Ward and three from the Southeast Rural Ward. The board will not be subdivided for electoral purposes. The board would have two appointed members, being the two members on the Council representing the Turangi Town Ward and the Southeast Rural Ward.

Want to find out more?

Pop in to one of our drop-in sessions:

Customer Service Centre 
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Thursday, June 21​1pm-3pm
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Mangakino Service CentreTuesday, June 19​2pm-4pm
Kinloch Community HallThursday, June 28​1pm-3pm

How do I have my sa​​y?

Submissions have now closed. ​Thank you for all the submissions received. 

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