Control Gates Hill shared path widening

​​23 October 2017

The shared path that leads up Control Gates Hill has been widened to improve safety and accommodate more users.

The upgraded path was designed to allow pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, buggies and prams to use it simultaneously. It was widened in line with our Walking and Cycling Strategy and in consultation with Bike Taupo.

The path was previously only 1.4 metres wide, which did not easily accommodate people travelling in both directions. The new track is up to three metres wide.

The project kicked off in August and affected a 500 metre section starting just south of Control Gates Bridge.

Infrastructure manager Denis Lewis said it was likely to be the first part of a project that would see the path eventually widened all the way to the top of the hill.

"We are committed to improving our paths and cycleways to make for a better experience for our community and visitors," he said. "Hopefully this project will help us achieve that."

A few cracks that had been identified as trip hazards in the current path were eliminated during the work and a wastewater manhole previously in the path was relocated to ensure a smooth journey up and down the hill.​

Page reviewed: 03 Nov 2017 10:16am