Our district vision

​Taupō District Council’s vision is 'To be the most prosperous and liveable district in the North Island by 2022'. 

Your Mayor and Councillors,  want the Taupo District to be the ‘Heartbeat of the North Island’ not only by its geographical position but by creating world class, authentic and resilient communities that people want to be a part of.  

We want our district to be known for its charm, to be vibrant, and to also offer a quality experience for both residents and visitors, while creating real value in what we offer and by the way we do things.  

We will work closely and collaboratively with our partners to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for our community, including iwi, and to maximise any opportunities. 

To help guide our strategy we have used a core set of values to underpin our decision-making when it comes to the services and activities we carry out as a Council.  These are:

The work we do will maintain – and build on – our international reputation as a destination of choice.  We will promote an excellent quality of life for our residents while protecting the natural environment that makes our district so special.

The vibrancy of our district will be created by wellconnected communities who work together to create a positive, fun environment people want to call home.

We will be open and transparent in the way we carry out our business and offer an experience that is genuine and real.

We enable people to prosper by working to keep unemployment low, housing affordable and ensuring whatever we do is the best it can be.

Our plans, infrastructure and work programmes will be designed to ensure we are prepared to withstand or recover quickly from disasters and/or difficult situations.  We will be flexible and respond quickly to change.

Our district's reputation will be built on the attractiveness of our towns, the diversity of the experiences we offer, and the friendliness of our people.

We will retain and attract residents and businesses by ensuring the district remains affordable and ensuring the work we do creates a better life for people and their families.​

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