Agendas and Minutes

​​Agendas and minutes from Council, group and committee meetings since October 2016 are available in the table below. To view agendas and minutes prior to October 2016, please scroll down to our agendas and minutes archive section below this table.

To see a schedule of Council meeting dates, times and locations for 2018 click here​​​.

​Agendas and Minutes A​rchive

In this section you can find agendas and minutes from Council, group and committee meetings prior to October 2016.  Enter your search criteria below and the page will automatically update with relevant documents.


You can search for documents by the date the meeting took place. Make sure to enter a day as well as a month e.g. 1 March 2013. If you are not sure what date the meeting took place, set it for a couple of months back.

Document type

You can search for minutes or agendas from meetings. If you prefer, you can leave this section in the default mode as ‘All’ and see both.

Meeting Location

You can search for documents by the location the meeting took place. For example, you can search for agenda and minutes from meetings that have taken place in Mangakino. If you are not sure where the meeting took place you can leave this section in the default mode as ‘All’ and see all meeting locations.​

Meeting Type

You can enter the name of a specific committee or group to search for minutes and agendas from their meetings. Please note, if the results shows ‘No documents found’ you made need to alter the date range you are searching under e.g. change the ‘From’ date to the previous month.

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