Bright new sculptures for Taupo

A new sculpture has been installed in time for summer in Taupo, adding a touch more vibrancy in the town centre. 

Taupo Sculpture Trust is behind the work, which is permanent and on a site approved by councillors at a meeting earlier this year under our public art policy. 

The sculpture is called Tiki by Tuwharetoa descendant Albie McCarthy and sits at the newly redeveloped intersection of Roberts and Ruapehu streets. There was previously a clip information board at this site, which will be relocated. 

Sculpture trust spokesperson Kathy Johnston said the three two-metre-high steel tiki were sure to catch the attention of passers-by. 

"This sculpture is able to be enjoyed and appreciated by visitors and locals," she said. "Designs cut into the tiki depict our local maunga and Lake Taupo, as well as peace, compassion and care."

A second sculpture, which is to be installed before Christmas, is Hot Goss by Anah Dunsheath. The sculpture, which will stand on Heuheu Street, consists of three stainless steel figures designed to encourage interaction. The inspiration for the sculpture was taken from candid photographs that capture 'a fleeting look, an attitude, a mood' that the sculpture trust believes reflects the vibrancy of Heuheu Street. 

While coordinated and part-funded by both us and Taupo Sculpture Trust, the sculptures are owned and maintained by the council following their installation. Towncentre Taupo, Café Baku, Westerman Property Solutions and McDonald's Family Restaurant Taupo have also all contributed financially to the funding of Tiki and Strettons has contributed to Hot Goss. 

In our 2015-2025 Long-term Plan, Council indicated its intention to develop a public art collection and to create a sculpture trail which will form another attraction for locals and visitors to enjoy. These sculptures form part of this. 

A third sculpture will be a temporary installation by the platform above the Taupo water treatment plant, and will go in within the next two weeks. Sculptor Terry Stringer has lent the sculpture trust Flora Totem, a three-metre-high bronze sculpture, for display for the next year. 

Tiki was unveiled earlier this week, so we encourage you to go and take a look!

7 December 2017​

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