See our moa being restored

A precious moa skeleton at Taupo Museum is being restored – and you can come and see how it's done!

The Friends of the Museum coordinated the drive to restore the skeleton with a huge fundraising effort. Conservator Judith Streat will be working on the skeleton at the museum in view of the public during August.

The skeleton was found in Waikaremoana in 1969 in a cave and is one of only a few complete skeletons left.

It currently has at least five different kinds of glue holding its bones together, many of which have discoloured. Its legs were also assembled incorrectly and need to be inverted.

Conservation science has come a long way since the moa was first put together so the museum team is keen to see this put to good use during the restoration.

The moa is being rearticulated and restored in the Niven Room at Taupo Museum and once complete the team is planning to create a full display for it.


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