Soaring water use prompts increase in restrictions to alternate days

4/02/2019 3:00 p.m.

​​Increased water use over several consecutive days has resulted in restrictions being increased to only allow sprinkler use on alternate days between 7am and 9am and 7pm and 9pm from today. 

This means people with even numbered addresses can use their sprinklers on even days and those with odd numbered addresses can use them on odd numbered days.  Up until now, people have been able to use their sprinklers between 7am and 9am and 7pm and 9pm every day. 

Asset manager water Tom Swindells said the district had been enjoying an extended period of hot, dry weather and this had seen water demand increase rapidly. 

"The demand on our water treatment plants has been greater over the summer break with the increase in visitors and high temperatures. We need to reduce water use more to stay within capacity. Every time we pump water from the lake and treat it for drinking, there is a cost to the ratepayers and despite the restrictions already in place, we are nearing the capacity of our treatment plants.​" 

The restriction time had been chosen to maximise benefit to people's lawns and gardens.  

At this time of year, once the sun is high in the sky most of the water you put on your garden will be evaporated. Watering between on alternate days is still adequate for maintenance of most lawns and gardens.

Find out more about water alerts and how to conserve water.

February 4, 2019.

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