Stormwater separator for lakefront

11/07/2018 11:00 a.m.

Centrifugal force is the key driver of a water separator being installed near the lake front adjacent to Ruapehu Street. 

Centrifugal force is used to ensure stormwater entering the lake is as clean as possible. The separator or 'Downstream Defender' as it is known by produ​cers Hynds, is the third such installation in the ongoing effort to improve the quality of the district's stormwater. 

Asset manager solid waste/stormwater Brent Aitken says that the central business district produces some of the dirtiest stormwater, including cigarette butts, plastic waste, cans and other pollutants and the new device will help to ensure none of these reach the lake. 

Installation began on June 18 and should be completed, weather-permitting in the coming weeks.   

July 11 2018

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