Reserve Management Plans

​Hipapatua/Reid's Farm Recreation Reserve Management Plan

Hipapatua/Reid's Farm Recreation Reserve is located adjacent to the Waikato River half way
between the Taupo urban area and the internationally popular Huka Falls. It is one
of a number of protected areas in the upper Waikato River valley and planning for its
management is part of an integrated project by key organisations in the area.

Hipapatua/Reids Farm Recreation Reserve Management Plan

Kinloch Recreation Reserves Management Plan

The Kinloch Recreation Reserves Management Plan is a tool to provide consistent and appropriate decisions on the management and development of nine reserves in the Kinloch area.

Motutere Recreation Reserve

Taupo District Council adopted the Motutere Recreation Reserve Management Plan on 27 April 2004.  The plan identifies the history of the reserve, existing features and provides policy guidance on its management and development, including the camp site.


Nukuhau Boat Ramp Area Reserve Management Plan

A reserve management plan for the Nukuhau Boat Ramp area sets out guidelines for future development of the reserve by Nukuhau Boat Ramp and the adjacent council-owned land on the western side of the Taupo Harbour, called Pier 87. 

Owen Delany Park Management Plan

Owen Delany Park is one of the largest parks in the Taupo District. Located on the eastern outskirts of Taupo, the park is the venue for a wide range of sporting activities. This management plan will guide the future development of Owen Delany Park.

Secombe Park Vegetation Management Plan

The purpose of this vegetation management plan is to provide ongoing direction for the management of vegetation in the Secombe Park area.


South Western Bay Settlements Reserve Management Plan

The first reserve management plan for the south western bay settlements was approved by Council in June 2015. Click here for more information on the South Western Bay Settlements Reserve Management Plan.

Spa Thermal Park and Riverbank Recreational and Scenic Reserve Management Plan

The management plan for Spa Thermal Park and Riverbank Recreational and Scenic Reserve was adopted by Taupo District Council in 2000. This management plan covers our reserves along both sides of the Waikato River from below the Control Gates down to Spa Thermal Park. It takes into account the significance of the reserves in the context of the wider area and identifies the uniqueness of the reserves as relatively natural areas for day use and access to the Waikato River. Policies and implementation statements provide for appropriate levels of casual, event and commercial use.

Cover and Table of Contents
Part A - Terms of Reference
Part B - Site Evaluation
Part C - Management Considerations
Part D - Reserve Management
Part E - Concept Plan
Part F - Action Programme
Part G - Plan Review
Appendices Part 1
Appendices Part 2

Tapuaeharuru Bay Lakeshore Reserves Management Plan

The purpose of this management plan is to try to balance recreational opportunities with the protection of the natural and cultural values of the lakeshore reserves, within the limits of the resources available.

Management Plan Cover
Tapuaeharuru Bay Lakeshore Management Plan
Acacia Bay concept plan
Lakefront Reserve concept plan
Secombe Park concept plan    
Whangaroa Reserve concept plan
Wharewaka Point concept plan 
Wharewaka Pt Nth concept plan

Taupo Sportsgrounds Reserve Management Plan

The management plan provides objectives, policies and concept plans for the ongoing management of Centennial Park, Owen Delany Park, Hickling Park, Kaimanawa Reserve, Waipahihi Reserve and Crown Park. The 2010 management plan supersedes any earlier management plans for these reserves.

On 23 February 2016, following consultation in accordance with Section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977, Council approved a minor amendment to Policy 4.7 c) of the management plan that allows fresh leases of existing community clubrooms sites on Hickling Park to be granted until 30 June 2030.

Taupo Sportsgrounds Reserve Management Plan

Taupo Urban Area and Acacia Bay Neighbourhood Recreation Reserves

This reserve management plan covers 54 of the Taupo Urban Area and Acacia Bay Neighbourhood Recreation Reserves (NRRs). NRRs are found within local neighbourhoods and are for casual, passive and active recreational use and enjoyment of the public. Location plans of these 54 NRRs are provided in the first appendix.

Taupo Urban Area and Acacia Bay Neighbourhood Recreation Reserves Reserve Management Plan
Local Neighbourhood Reserves Acacia Bay
Local Neighbourhood Reserves Taupo

Te Rangiita Waitetoko Lakeside Reserve Management Plan

This management plan is to be used as a reference and working document to facilitate the further development and use of the reserve and to ensure the decision making and administration is compatible with the stated goal, objectives and policies.

Te Rangiita Waitetoko Lakeside Reserve Management

Tongariro Domain Management Plan

The plan confirmed the closure of the existing motor camp in April 2006 to enable development of the new Riverside Park on the site with community event area, amphitheatre, riverside walkway and riverside restaurant/café lease. All other facilities on the domain, including existing clubrooms, were to be retained and enhanced. Clubs at the southern end of the domain would be given the opportunity to renew current leases until 2015.

Tongariro Domain Management Plan


Riverside walk
Strategic Concept
Final Development Concept

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