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The council has a leadership role in facilitating the development of the district’s economy. We do this as a planning authority, provider of infrastructure and a​ l​and owner and through support of other economic development entities. We aim to ensure the Taupo District has a competitive advantage when​ it comes to securing business growth, attracting visitors, and building a skilled workforce.

Taupo District has a wealth of natural resources including geothermal heat, land and water. By encouraging economic development in our district, we can focus on meeting the current and future needs of the community. We contribute to economic development in the district through:

  • The promotion of the Events industry
  • Investing in Destination Great Lake Taupo - a council controlled organisation, whose purpose is to deliver destination marketing and management that is relevant for all visitors and reflects the values of the region’s people for generations to come.
  • Providing financial support to Enterprise Great Lake Taupo - an independent trust, whose mandate is to enrich our community through the creation of wealth and jobs for our region by working with business.
  • Supporting the activities of Town Centre Taupo - a member based organisation focused on enhancing and developing the social and economic wellbeing of the Taupo Central Business District by developing a vibrant, well managed and innovative town centre. 
  • Providing funding to Go Tongariro - a newly formed independent economic development trust based in Turangi. This trust provides business growth and events support as well as retail and tourism promotion.

Major Industries and Economic Development Opportunities in the Taupo District


Wairakei Power Station.  Geothermal energy was first harnessed to generate power in 1958 at the Wairakei Power Station, the first power station of its kind (wet steam) in the world. Since then, the Taupo District has seen a rapid growth in geothermal power generation. This energy is totally renewable and has the lowest cost base of energy production. There is capacity for increa​sing its use and further projects are under exploration or have gained consent. 

In more recent years geothermal energy has increasingly been used for its direct heat value. From drying milk powder at Miraka, to growing tomatoes at Tuaropaki to kilns for timber at Tenon. Using this cost effective geothermal direct heat to add value to primary produce is our point of difference. This coupled with the district’s significant natural resources (forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, and horticulture) provides significant opportunity for investment growth.


Forestry & Wood Processing

Wood.  Taupo is situated within the Central North Island Forestry Zone (CNI Forests), which accounts for a third of the total forestry plantations in New Zealand. Current processing facilities include Tenon (appearance grade radiata), Natures Flame (wood pallets), Laminex and PermaPine (round wood). 

However there is significant opportunity to grow this processing industry by connecting our extensive forestry assets with our geothermal resources to provide cost effective wood processing facilities.



Cows.  Dairy Farming is booming in the Taupo District with significant land conversions taking place in the last few years. The launch of the new milk processing company Miraka and the joint venture between Miraka and Shangahi PengXin to process UHT milk is further bolstering our local dairy industry, increasing our GDP and creating valuable jobs.

Taupo District is also home to a number of sheep and beef farms, and we are seeing the growth of niche brands such as Tau​po Beef and Lamb.



Prawn Park.  This is a relatively new opportunity for the Taupo District especially in the freshwater area using geothermally assisted growth.

There are existing facilities such as Huka Prawn Park and further studies have been undertaken in this area to assess the future potential of this sector.




Kayaking.  The Lake Taupo region boasts some of New Zealand’s purest, unspoilt country. A few minutes south of the Lake is Tongariro National Park, New Zealand’s first National Park, a World Heritage Area and host of one of the best one-day walks in the world - the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

North of the lake on the Waikato River is New Zealand's most visited natural attraction, the mighty Huka Falls. Taupo is also host to two international golf courses, Wairakei and Kinloch and is home to one of the top trout fishing regions in the world.

As a result Tourism is a major feature of the economy in the district, contributing 14 per cent direct GDP and employing 23 per cent of the working age population. We currently host just fewer than one million visitors within our district per year with a large percentage in the luxury segment.



Sports tournament.  Taupo District is widely known as the Events C​apital of New Zealand. Sports events, rock concerts, outdoor activities, arts, culture, food, wine, music gigs, parades and festivals are held regularly in the district adding greatly to the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors. Taupo District's central location, the excellent facilities available, the infrastructure and the renowned volunteer culture makes it the perfect location for any event.

New Zealand’s IRONMAN has been hosted in the Taupo District fo​r more than a decade. Other endurance sports events include the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, a 160km loop of Lake Taupo, the Huka Challenge, 80km of fast-paced mountain biking through Craters of the Moon and beyond and the Taupo, Tauhara and Kinloch half marathons and trail runs.


More information

Economic graphs.  Enterprise Great Lake Taupo is the key economic development agency for the Taupo District. Its role is to bring about economic development of new businesses and support existing businesses to grow, to provide employment and opportunities for the district.

If you have inquiries or wish to initiate discussions about your business aspirations in the Taupo District with us, local business or any community organisations, contact Enterprise Great Lake Taupo. They can assist with a number of key services within the district and provide direction on how to facilitate business start ups, information and professional advice.

If you are interested in building and developing in the Taupo District please visit our Building Consents and Information page.

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