Creative Communities Scheme and Creative Taupo


​​​​​​​​​​​The Creative Communities Scheme is a partnership between Creative New Zealand (CNZ) and local authorities, such as the Taupo District Council. The CNZ Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) helps to fund local arts projects. Projects that get funded​ do at least one of the following:

  • increase participation in the arts or culture at a local level, or
  • increase the range and diversity of arts and culture available, or
  • enable and encourage young people to engage in the arts.

Funding rounds now closed​

Applications for funding for the Creative Communi​ties Scheme and Creative Taupō Grants (CT) closed on Friday, August 24 2018. 

Thank you for all of the applications received. 

Please be aware all applications (including any personal information supplied ) will be made available to the committee and the public.

Further information

For further information please cont​act:

Rose Prisk - Community Development Officer
Taupo District Council
Phone: 07 376 0640 or 027 6312 688   

Andrew Welch - Chair
Creative Taupo
Phone: 07 377 3235​

Creative Communities logo.   ​​

Creative Communities Scheme grant recipie​​​nts 

​Applicant August 2018Purpose​Allocation​
Connected Media The Outlook for Someday $0.00
Dide ChapmanMaking Ceramic Kiwiana Garden Stakes$1,900.00
Centre StageJesus Christ Superstar$3,000.00
Taupo Art Connection Taupo Art Connection ''Summer' Exhibition$1,000.00
Corbie FilmsTaupo Halloween Film Festival 2018$1,500.00
Taupo Sculpture TrustMembership Drive$0.00
Towncentre TaupoGraffiato - Taupo Street Art Festival$2,500.00
Safe TurangiTurangi Christmas in the Park$2,000.00
Pukawa Marae Fundraising Waitangi Tuwharetoa Ki Pukawa$2,000.00
Grant HohepaKapahaka DVD Packs$0.00
Active ArtsReplacement of Display screens$1,000.00​

​Applicant March 2018Purp​ose​Allocation​
Christopher EyesSeeSaw and SaySay $500.00
Dance CentralChristmas in the Park Auckland$1,000.00
One Taupo TrustGreat Wall of Taupo$2,000.00
Taupo Art ConnectionTaupo Art Trail 2018$3,000.00
Taupo Choral SocietyShow Songs$2,000.00
Taupo Sculpture TrustTaupo Sculpture Trust Website$0.00
Toro Pikopiko PuppetsRock-Art Puppet Show and Rock-Art Puppetry Workshop$2,000.00
Xanthe WyseSpinning Orbit$500.00
YouthtownYouth Concert$2,000.00

​Applicant August 2017Purpose​Allocation​
Centre Stage (Taupo) IncorporatedCentre Stage production of Nell Gwynn$0.00
Deborah KissickBoomerang Bags Lake Taupō Incorporated$800.00
Lance NgataUnder the bridge$2,000.00
Marotiri School Kahurangi Maori Dance Company - Theatre in Education$400.00
Taupo Family PlaycentreWeekly Drama Class $300.00
Robert FugahWest African drumming and dance workshops$0.00
Safe Turangi 2017 Turangi Christmas in the Park$2,000.00
Taupo Art Connection Beautiful Marks – Taupo Art Connection group exhibition$2,000.00
Taupo Sculpture TrustWebsite for Taupo Sculpture Trust$0.00
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Whakarewa I te Reo ki TuwharetoaTe Taiopenga o Ngati Tuwharetoa$2,000.00
Te Maari GardinerTurangi Tukua Mural $3,000.00
Towncentre TaupoGraffiato, Taupo Street Art Festival$2,000.00
Tauhara College Mural$1,090.00

​Applicant March 2017Purpose​Allocation​
Connected MediaThe Outlook for Someday Free One-day Film-making Workshop $1,900.00
Friends of the MuseumMinkisi Art and Belief in West and Central Africa $1,000.00
Miranda JeffriesART School 2 Day Event $545.00
One Taupo TrustTaupo Winter Festival - 'Short Film Competition' - Battle of the Mountains $900.00
Jane PentonPlaying in Paradise - Exhibition $2,118.00
Sally-Ann DaviesArtist Residency in Italy Didn't meet criteria
Marotiri SchoolSchool Production $400.00
Taupo Art ConnectionTaupo Art Trail 2017 $2,900.00
Taupo Choral Society Charitable TrustTwo Choirs Folk Fest $2,390.00
Taupo Oral History Group Taupo Oral History Project $4,000.00
Taupo Primary schoolKapa Haka Maro Wananga $4,000.00
Taupo Sculpture TrustSculpture Walk Brochure $2,600.00
Taupo Youth Arts TrustTaupo Winter Festival    $2,700.00
TeRina KoopuSerenade $2,200.00

Applicant August 2016PurposeAllocation
Corbie FilmsTaupo Halloween Film Festival$1,000.00
Christopher EyesEven Time$500.00
Easterfest TrustEasterfests Stations of the Cross$2,174.00
Mangakino Central Charitable Trust - Mangakino Art Co-operativeMaori Abstract Art Community Workshop$1,186.80
Mangakino Community Festival CommitteeStreet Flags for Mangakino$2,041.40
Young NZ WritersYoung NZ Writers' Writing Conference$1,400.00
Robert FugahWest African drumming workshop$1,500.00
Taupo Sculpture TrustFlora Totem$2,288.00
Taupo Society of Ballet & DanceLocal Mini Competition$915.00
Toro Pikopiko puppet theatreRock-Art Puppetry Workshops Taupo Tour$2,000.00
Towncentre TaupoGraffiato Festival$2,000.00

​Applicant March 2016Purpose​Allocation​
​Richard Hoadley​Construction of a new public contemporary sculpture​$1,000.00 conditional
​Christopher Eyes​Self publish a novella set in Taupo​$2,000.00
​Carole Cornes​Publish a botanical sketchbook of Central North Island plants​$2,000.00
​Marotiri School​Wearable Arts, construction of and presentation of kids creations in a fashion show​$1,000.00
​Quirky Pottery Ltd​New online art gallery promoting Taupo's local artists.​Declined
​Taupo Choral Society​Celebration of 40 years choir performance​$2,086.40
​Miranda Jeffries​Introduction to body painting and special effects workshops/classes​$1,325.25


Creative Taupo grant recipients

Creative Taupo logo.   


Applicant August 2018PurposeAllocation
Lake Taupo Woodturning GuildUpdate equipment$1,000.00
Taupo Primary SchoolCommunity Park restoration project$1,600.00
Taupo Sculpture TrustMembership DriveDeclined
Taupo Community Arts Council Taupo Arts Scholarship $1,000.00
Dance Central Taupo Auckland CocaCola Christmas in the Park performance$1,000.00
TKKM o Whakarewa I te Reo ki TuwharetoaTuwharetoa Kapahaka Festival 2018$3,000.00
Active Arts Taupo Improve digital art space$1,000.00
Taupo Society of Ballet and DanceLocal mini competition$1,200.00
Waitangi Tuwharetoa ki PukawaWaitangi ki Pukawa 2019$1,000.00
Act2 Visual and Performing Arts SchoolMs Fit and Magical Forest Production$1,500.00
Taupo Family Play CentreMaori culture and waiata$1,200.00
Safe TurangiTurangi Christmas in the Park$1,000.00
Centre StageJesus Christ Superstar$2,000.00

​Applicant March 2017Purpose​Allocation​
Active Arts TaupoAnnual Exhibition 2017 Active Arts Taupo $800.00
Centre Stage (Taupo)Directors Workshop $1,200.00
Friends of the Taupo Museum and Art Gallery IncTouring Exhibition of an African Collection Funded through CCS
Jane PentonPlaying in Paradise - Community Exhibition & Craft Demonstrations Funded through CCS
Katrin WilsonBay of Plenty Music School $450.00
Monique DoigShakespeare Globe Centre NZ Young Shakespear Company 2017 $1,000.00
One Taupo TrustTo bring the 'Makers of Entertainment' (MoE) Street Theatre and Comedy Act to Taupō for the duration of this year's Taupō Winter Festival $2,850.00
Taupo Oral History GroupExhibition of Taupo in the 1960s & 1970s $2,850.00
Taupo Youth Arts TrustTalent Quest $1,200.00

Applicant August 2016PurposeAllocation
Creative Clay (Active Arts) Replacement clay firing kiln$2,000.00
Easterfest   Art Exhibition$500.00
Lake Taupo Hospice  Exhibition of hope$2,000.00
Stacey Greig  Tools for weekly jewellery workshops$500.00
Creative Taupo  Support for the Taupo Art Scholarship$500.00
Taupo Playcentre  Musical instruments$500.00
Tuesday Painters (Active Arts)  Provide equipment$1,000.00
Safe Turangi  2016 Turangi Christmas in the Park$2,900.00


​Applicant June 2015Purpose​Allocation​
​Performing Arts School​The WIZ production​$2,200.00
​Active Arts Inc.​Signage​$911.36
​Creative Clay​Pottery Workshop​$420.00
​Jaimie Fitzgerald
Black and White Music School
​Snu Music lessons​$500.00
​Primal Youth ​Suicide prevention national awareness campaign​Declined
​Taupo Home School Group​Workshops in November for 30 people​$529.00
​Tessa Sandham ​Bachelor of Dance Education at the RAD, London​​Declined
​Towncentre Taupo​20 x plywood Christmas trees​$1,000.00
​Tupoutama Paki​Flights to CIOFF Folkdance Festival​​​Declined


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