Social Services Community Grants


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Waiora Community Trust distributes funding on behalf of Taupo District Council. The grants are for organisations and individuals makin​g a difference in the social services sector. Projects and activities may vary between one off events to capital projects.

Funding rounds

Applications for the Social Services Community Grants are currently closed.​ The next funding round will open in March 2019.​

Further information

For further information contact Deb DePetris at​ or 07 378 0953.

​Social Services grant recipients

Applicants April 2018AllocationDetails
Taupo Women's Refuge$5,000.006 mons Refuge Coordinator Running Costs
Taupo Community Food Bank$5,000.006 mons Food Bank Coordinator Running Costs
Empowered Learning Trust$5,000.00Screening for earning and processing difficulties in young people in Taupō
Family Works Taupo - PSN0Operational Support – contribution towards monthly rent
Pregnancy Help Inc.$2,000.0013 weeks gross wages for coordinator
Family & Financial Solutions Trust$3,000.00One month wages for 2 staff members in support of Taupō Community
English Language Partners Taupō $2,000.00Contribution towards salary for group teacher & coordinator
Citizens Advice Bureau$3,000.00Three mons Vodafone acct. and three months' salary for Manager who works 30 hours /week. for coordinator and telephone expenses

Alzheimer's Society Taupo Inc.


$3,000.00Mileage costs to enable filed officers to make home visits to Taupō clients and their carers
Age Concern Taupo Inc.$3,000.00

Part wages for fieldworker – 3,000.00

Part costs for newsletter – 2,700.00

RNZ Foundation of the Blind$1,000.00Library Services – purchase a wider variety of book titles for our clients
Taupo Budget Advisory Service$3,000.00Part salary for Community Educator
CPD Parkinsonism Society of NZ$2,500.00Months mileage cost for Community Educator service to Taupō district
Brain Injury Assoc. Rotorua$717.50IRD mileage costs for liaison to meet with Taupō clients.
Lake Taupo Hospice0Purchase of IT equipment.
Taupo Parents Centre$1,498.50Locking clips for car seats and wooden toys
Life Education Trust$1,500.00Purchase student resources
Age Concern Taupo Inc.0Vehicle running costs for Turangi Senior Social Connection Group
Transform Aotearoa Charitable Trust0Shine development programs in Taupō colleges – ShineGirl and Strength (boys)
Aphasia NZ0Central North Community Aphasia Advisor (CAA) Service

1st Taupo Scout Group

$700.00Leaders First aid backpack and outdoor first aid course
Taupo Community Patrol$4,000.00To make Taupō a safer place for residents & tourists who visit our community
Asthma NZ0Operation Cost
Taupo Neighbourhood Support$4,000.00Supporting a safer community

Applicants April 2017AllocationDetails
Citizens Advice Bureau$2,000Part salary for coordinator May, June and July 2017
Taupō Community Food Bank$8,000

Part salary for Food Bank Coordinator

Taupō Women's Refuge$5,000

Part salary Refuge Coordinator

Age Concern Taupō Inc$2,000Part funding for Age Concern Newsletter

Operational costs

Taupō Budget Advisory Service$3,000Part salary for Community Educator
Family & Financial Solutions Trust$2,000

Part wages

CPD Parkinsonism Society Trust$2,6716 months mileage cost community educator to provide service to Taupō district
Empowered Learning Trust$6,000Screening students for visual, auditory and learning processing issues
Pregnancy Help Inc.$2,0003 months of gross wages
Taupō Neighbourhood Support $3,000To strengthen Growth of Groups Urban and Rural Providing a safer friendly Community
Mangakino Central Charitable Trust0To contribute towards our "Time to Talk" morning coffee – specifically advertising
Life Education Trust CP$1,200Purchase of student workbooks
60's Up Movement Taupō 0Continued wellbeing of all members by associating together 
Taupō Lifekeys Community Trust0Cap Debt Management Centre – operational costs
Anamata Cafe0Purchase defibrillator
Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc$4,717

Travel costs for Taupō liaison officer

Arthritis NZ$2,000Service delivery in Taupō
No Words Needed Group$1,500Suicide Prevention Day Taupō
Taupō Community Patrol$2,250Make Taupō a safer place for residents & tourists
Taupō Maori Wardens Sub Association Inc0Traffic Control Certification - Training

Purchase cat traps and vet desexing

​Applicants October 2016Allocation​Details​
Taupō Community Food Bank$8,000Project Food Bank – Food in Schools, Reduction of Debt, Service Provision
Taupō Women's Refuge$5,000Part salary Refuge Coordinator
Family & Financial Solutions Trust

Printing, phone and ink toners


Operational costs

Taupō Babywearers$500

Baby slings and carriers

English Language Partners Taupō$4,000Contribution towards teacher and coordinators wages
Citizens Advice Bureau$2,000Part salary for coordinator
Taupō Neighbourhood Support$6,700Project – increase membership and the Safety of our Rural members.
Taupō Budget Advisory Service$2,000Part salary for Community coordinator

Part salary for youth worker & clinical advisor

Age Concern Taupō Inc$4,400Part wages for coordinator
Pregnancy Help Inc.$1,179To supply essential new born baby items
Taupō Parents Centre$934Taupō car seats, signage and jacket
RNZ Foundation of the Blind$1,000To support the community, volunteer and recreation (CVR) program in Taupō area
Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc$717.50

Travel costs for Taupo liaison officer

Taupō Community Patrol$2,000Make Taupō a safer place for residents & tourists

​Applicants October 2015Allocation​​Details
Taupo Community Food Bank $10,000 Part salary for coordinator
Family & Financial Solutions Trust $1,172 Internet/phone costs and client task pads
Citizens Advice Bureau $2,000 Part salary for coordinator
Life Education Trust $1,000 Partial cost of workbooks for children to take to home to support learning
Taupo Neighbourhood Support $7,500 Part salary for coordinator
Alzheimers Taupo$1,500Field officer travel 6 months
Taupo Budget Advisory Service Inc. $2,000 Community educator part salary
APOPO$4,184 Update computers
Taupo Family Playcentre $1,260 First aid course for six parents
Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc. $560 Travel costs to Taupo clients


​Applicants April 2015Allocation​​​Details
​Taupo Community Food Bank$8,000​​Part salary for coordinator
​Citizens Advice Bureau​$2,000​Part coordinators salary
​Victim Support Taupo​$3,000​One month salary support
​Autism NZ – Taupo Branch$1,733​​Phone, petrol and salary (tagged salary)
​Alzheimer’s$​1,500​Field officer travel 6 months
​Taupo Parents Centre​$200​Speaker fees and car seat technician fees
​Family Works – PSN​0​Resources for new counselling room offices
​Taupo Women’s Refuge$3,000​​Part salary for accounts administrator
​Parent to Parent – CL​$500Part wages for Regional Coordinator in the Taupo area
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust​0Costs -​ telephone, insurance & fridge
​Age Concern Taupo​$5,000​Part wages for fieldworker
​Anamata Cafe/Cafe for Youth Health$299​​Fitted safety approved car seat
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust​$1,000​Part wages for coordinator
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support$6,000​​Part salary for coordinator
​Taupo Council of Social Services0​​Part salary for coordinator
​Brain Injury Association Rotorua Inc.​$700​Travel costs to Taupo clients
​Mangakino Central Charitable Trust​0​Part salaries for Community manager and Financial Administrator
​APOPO$​6,000​Part of 6 months’ salary for APOPO youth worker
​Literacy Taupo Inc.​$2,000​Part salaries for both coordinators
​English Language Partners Taupo​​$2,000​Administration costs and part wages
​Dyslexia Support Taupo​$2,500​Training for parents/caregivers & teachers
​Growing Through Grief​$1079.83​Admin for 4 months & Mangakino mileage
​Life Education Trust​$1,000​Partial cost of workbooks for children to take home to support learning
​Pregnancy Help Inc. Taupo​0​Gazebo, phone/shredder, display table, business cards
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service Inc.​$3,000​Community Educator Part Salary
​Taupo Community Patrol​​$3,000​Part operating costs for 6 months
​Total Funding Awarded​$52,511.83

​Applicants October 2014​​​Allocation​Details
​Alzheimer’s ​​$1,500​ Mileage for 2 field officers
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service​$3,000​Community Educator Part Salary
​Taupo’ s Women’s Refuge ​$4,000​Part salary assistant coordinator
​Taupo Community Food Bank ​$8,000​Part salary for coordinator
​Life Education Trust ​$1,000​Partial cost of take home workbooks for Taupo children
​English Language Partners Taupō $​2,000​Administration costs and part wages
​Citizens Advice Bureau ​$2,000​Part coordinators salary
​Anamata Cafe – Cafe for Youth Health ​$1,500​3 weeks wages to pay present staff to train new admin manager.
​Age Concern Taupō ​$3,000​Part wages for fieldworker
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust ​​$1,000​Part wages for coordinator
​APOPO ​$6,000 ​Part salary for APOPO youth worker
​Taupo Senior Net ​$100New Printer​
​Taupo Family Play Centre ​$480First Aid courses for three parents​
​Lake Taupo Hospice ​$1,000​Printing for Palliative Care Education Programme
​Parkinson's CPD $​4,450​6 months mileage costs for Taupo fieldworkers
​Growing Through Grief ​$1,112​Admin costs and children’s journals
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust ​$500​Telephone costs
​Dyslexia Support Taupo​$2,500​Specialised tutoring costs
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support ​$5,000​Coordinator salary
​Taupo Community Patrol ​$1,700​Part operating costs for 6 months
​Total Funding Awarded​$49,842

Applicants April 2014​Allocation ​Details
APOPO$5,000Part salaries for 2 employees
Arthritis Foundation$1,500​​Part salary for Taupo educator
​Taupo Parents Centre​$1,200​Tagged for 'Baby and You' courses
Taupo Community Food Bank​$8,000Part salary for co-ordinator
​​Alzheimer's​$1,500​Mileage for 2 Taupo field officers
​​Citizens Advice Bureau​$2,000​Part salary for co-ordinator
​​Age Concern Taupo​$3,395​Tagged for computer and part salary
​​Victim Support Taupo$3,000​​Part salary for co-ordinator
​​Pregnancy Help$500​​Tagged for wages
​Taupo Women's Refuge$2,000​​Part wages; accounts & crisis worker
​Parent to Parent Central Lakes District ​$500​Part salary for co-ordinator
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support​$4,000​Part salary for co-ordinator
​Anamata Cafe0​
​Growing Through Grief$​1751.27Seasons programme to school​
​Taupo 1st Scouts​0
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust​0
​Taupo Community Patrol​$3,500​Part operating costs​
​Birthright Taupo​0
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust​0
​Taupo Council of Social Services0​
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service​$3,000Part salary community educator​
​​Dyslexia Support Taupo​$5,000Part costs for screening test assessments​
​Whakamaru Play Centre​0
​Wairakei Play Centre​0

Applicants October 2013​Allocation
Taupo Women's Refuge$2,000
Taupo Community Food Bank$10,000​
​Schizophrenia Fellowship​$4,000
​Parkinson's CPD​$3,060
​Age Concern Taupo Inc.​$2,000
​English Language Partners​0
​Parent to Parent Central Lakes​$500
​Cafe for Youth Health​$5,000
​Taupo Neighbourhood Support​$3,000
​Central Plateau REAP - Family Start​0
​Growing Through Grief​$1,568
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust​0
​Life Education Trust Taupo/Ruapehu​$750
​Pregnancy Help Inc.0
​Birthright Taupo​0
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service​$3,000
​Country Kidz ECE (formerly Tirohanga/Mokai Childcare Centre)​0
​Taupo Council of Social Services​0
​Te Whare O Manaaki Trust​0
​Citizens Advice Bureau​$2,000
​Families Advance​0
​Taupo Community Patrol​$1,950
​Dyslexia Support Taupo$3,900​

​Applicants April 2013 ​Allocation
Taupo Community Food Bank​ $8,000
​Parent to Parent Central Lakes ​$500
​Schizophrenia Fellowship $2,000​
​Citizens Advice Bureau $2,000​
​RNZSPCA Taupo 0​
​Parkinson’s CPD $1,632​
​Taupo Council of Social Services 0​
​Alzheimer’s $2,000​
​Life Education Trust Taupo/Ruapehu $500​
​Big Brothers Big Sisters 0​
​Taupo Budget Advisory Service $3,000​
​Te Whare O Manaaki $2,000​
​Cafe for Youth Health $2,000​
​Growing Through Grief $1,264​
​Family & Financial Solutions Trust 0​
​Lake Taupo Radio Mariners Inc. $3,000​
​Birthright Taupo 0​
​Taupo Hospital & Health Society Inc. $5,000​
​Taupo Maori Wardens $397​
​Tirohanga/Mokai Childcare Centre 0​
​Taupo Parents Centre $900​
​Pregnancy Help Inc. 0​
​Victim Support Taupo $2,000​
​Literacy Taupo 0​
​Taupo Community Men’s Shed $358​
​Age Concern Taupo Inc. $2,000​
​Taupo Community Patrol $2,500​
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