Event Safety

​You have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure the safety of anyone attending your event including volunteers, contractors and the public.

A Safety Plan is required for events. It identifies all associated hazards to participants or other people in the vicinity of the event, which may arise. It indicates what control or action you have taken to minimize or eliminate each identified hazard. The Safety Plan must be sighted by the Taupo District Council if an event is to be held on Council property. However, the Taupo District Council does not approve Event Organiser’s Safety Plans. Instead, there may be a requirement to consult further with Occupational Safety and Health. The Organiser is responsible for ensuring that the Safety Plan is appropriate for the event being organised, that it is followed and that members are aware of and are in compliance with the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and subsequent amendments.

For further information regarding aspects of the health and safety requirements for an event, contact Occupational Health and Safety, phone 07 347 9656 or go to the Department of Labour website www.dol.govt.nz.

Alternatively, refer to the “Safety Planning Guidelines for Events” produced by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management in conjunction with NZ Police, NZ Fire Service, St John Ambulance and local government representatives.


Power leads need to be laid out neatly and in such a way that they will not be tripped over or kicked out of the power point by the public. If possible, keep power leads out of public thoroughfares. They should be securely taped to the floor with gaffer tape.

When running power from distances greater than 20 metres, the use of industrial power leads is recommended as domestic leads are not manufactured to handle the transfer of power over long distances. Joining several together is not safe practice as they can heat up and become a fire hazard.

All electrical equipment must be tested every six months and bear a tag to demonstrate compliance with this requirement. If not tagged, do not use.

For more information about health and safety issues associated with staged performances or events, contact the Occupational Safety and Health Service.


If an event is likely to attract large crowds or if it involves amplified sound, it will be necessary to consult with nearby businesses and/or residents.
Environmental Services, Taupo District Council, can advise on this issue - phone 07 376 0899.


Very few events run without volunteer assistance. Event organizers need to be aware of their responsibilities with regard to using volunteers. Contact Occupational Safety and Health for more information, phone 0800 20 90 20. 

Insurance, damage and health and safety

There are a number of factors to consider in relation to insurance, damage and health and safety when organising an event. Things to consider are indemnity insurance and public liability insurance. For more information call the Taupo District Council on 07 376 0899.

Damage bonds

If you are hosting your event in a Taupo District Council venue, you may be required to pay a bond to cover damage, repair or clean up costs outside that which is considered normal. This bond is assessed based upon the nature and type of event you are hosting and is payable along with a deposit at least one month prior to the event taking place.

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