Licences and Permits

​​Depending on the nature of your event, you may also require licences and permits in addition to your Event Application form and supporting documentation.

Amusement device licences

All mechanical amusement devices at events such as ferris wheels, roller coasters, dodgem cars and bumper cars, must have a Certificate of Registration issued by the Department of Labour.

Before an amusement device is operated, the owner must apply to the Council for an amusement device permit. 

Applications should be made at least ten working days in advance of the planned event. Please note: you will need to provide the Certificate of Registration issued by Worksafe New Zealand​ with your application.

For more information contact Environmental Services at Taupo District Council - 07 376 0899.

Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)

For more information see our Drones webpage.

Fire permits and fireworks displays

On July 1 2017 rural fire moved under the responsibility of the newly formed Fire a​nd Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).  To view the fire season status or apply for a fire permit visit: ​

Always ensure a reputable licensed operator is contracted for large display type fireworks.  Fireworks displays over the water will need to be arranged with the Taupo Harbourmaster - 07 377 2537.

Fire Hydrant Permits – if there is no water supply on site, you may be able to use a fire hydrant instead.  For more information about using fire hydrants contact Taupo District Council -  07 376 0899.

Food approvals

Event organisers are responsible for ensuring that the sale of food is managed safely and appropriately, and that all food sellers are aware of their food safety obligations.

If you have food sellers at your market or event you may need to obtain a Health Registrati​on Certificate.
The organiser is responsible for gathering and vetting all relevant food safety information from participating food sellers.

If you would like advice on the requirements and permits necessary for your event you can make an appointment with one of our environmental health officers. Inspections of the site and any food selling facilities may be carried out. Essential services like water, hygiene and other facilities should be provided.

Food sellers and permits

In general, food sellers at an event must be registered operators. They must hold a Health Registration Certificate either:

Some exceptions apply to charitable non-profit organisations. Details about traders and what they intend to provide is required for all events where food is provided or available for sale.
More information about selling food at events can be found on our Market and Events webpage.

Liquor Licence

If the intention is to sell or supply alcohol to the public at an event, a special licence may be required.

The licensing inspector and local police may specify that a manager’s certificate is held by the person in charge of bar facilities. This person must be on site at all times during the period specified in the special licence.

You will need to apply for a Special Liquor Licence for your event if:
  • you are intending to sell, consume or supply liquor
  • there is a liquor ban in place at your chosen event location

There is a licence fee when applying for a special liquor licence. Allow at least 20 working days when applying for a special licence. More information regarding liquor licencing here.

Stall, craft and trading licences

Requirements for stalls and trading licences at events may vary depending on the location of the event.   Please contact Council - 07 376 0899 to discuss your requirements.

Temporary structures/buildings permits

You will need to apply for a Temporary Structure Building Consent (PDF 160Kb)  for your event if you are using one of the following:

  • Marquee over 100 square metres
  • Complex marquee
  • Stage over 1m high
  • Scaffold structure
  • Grandstand
  • Portable building
  • Temporary artwork

Any such structures should be included in the site plan submitted with your Event Application form.

Lakes and rivers

If your event operates on or near Lake Taupo or the Waikato River above the Huka Falls you will need to obtain approval from Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board and/or the Harbourmaster

Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board​  - email ​​ or phone 07 3765086
Lake Taupo Harbourmaster -  ​email​ or phone 07 3787176​ 

Extending shop trading hours

If an event is being held in an area where there are shops, it is advisable to invite the shop keepers to extend their trading hours. It may help to contact Towncentre Taupo, phone 07 377 0104. Council can also assist with this process.

Site map

If an event is being held in a Taupo District park, street, square or facility it is necessary to supply the Council with a detailed site map of the event area. The map should indicate the location of all activities, toilets, first aid stations, food stalls, parking areas, lost persons facilities, access for disabled people, security, refuse stations and so on. 

The map can also be used in the publicity for the event to guide the event attendees and participants around the site. ​

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