Traffic Management and Signs

Approval from Council's Roading Division is required for any activity that causes an inconvenience to the travelling public, disrupts traffic or constitutes a safety hazard on any road.

For an event that may require a road closure the Taupo District Council requires a written application at least six weeks prior to the activity to satisfy legislative requirements.

If an activity or event is likely to change the normal use of a road then the event holder is required to obtain and submit an approved traffic management plan.

You will also need to contact the following if your event is:

  • on a State Highway - Opus International in Taupo - 07 378 0746
  • in an area off a State Highway and all other roads - Taupo District Council, Roading Division - 07 376 0899.

Emergency Services should also be contacted to enable them to make allowances for issues such as emergency access, crowd control and security.

Other Requirements

It will greatly assist any application for Temporary Road Closures if you:
  • supply proof of consultation with affected parties such as retailers or residents situated within the closed areas. 
  • consult with significant users of the road.

Traffic Management plans must be provided from a suitably qualified person authorised to submit plans. It is recommended that event organisers employ the services of a professional traffic management company to prepare and implement plans. Council can assist with providing contacts of STMS qualified persons.

Traffic Management professionals can advise on

  • what resources are required 
  • whether the use of volunteer marshals is acceptable
  • how to source required signage 
  • barriers and high visibility clothing


There are a number of options to consider when planning the parking for your event.

  • Parking for public - parking restrictions continue to apply to those attending the event. Under certain circumstances an exemption can be gained to park for longer than the normal times, to allow for setting down or packing up an event.
  • Local school grounds, churches, car pooling and charter buses.
  • Providing participants with a list of accommodation providers situated within easy walking distance of the intended event.
  • Parking for Event Employees/Participants - consider assigning special parking areas for staff and participants nearby such as private properties or allocating part of a school ground for this purpose and issuing a vehicle pass to those eligible.

Taupo operates on a time restricted parking system with limits varying from area to area. All limits are well sign posted. Under certain circumstances these restrictions can be reviewed by the parking supervisor. There is also a pamphlet available detailing parking requirements.

Parking considerations in Turangi and Mangakino differ from those in Taupo. For more details contact:

  • Turangi - 07 386 7017
  • Mangakino - 07 882 8700


The Taupo District Plan has strict rules relating to temporary signage size, placement and appearance, etc. Before erecting signage on regional roads you should contact Taupo District Council Environmental Services on 07 378 0899 to ensure you are compliant. Proposed signage on State Highways will require approval from Transit New Zealand. More information on signage here.

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