Waste Management at your Event

​The accumulation and removal of rubbish generated by events must be addressed during the planning stages. Not only must you consider the number and placement of bins but also a ‘general sweep over’ the entire event area.

Environmental sustainability is increasingly important to venue operations, the audience and sponsors and should be incorporated into your planning.

You will need to submit a Waste Management Plan to Council if you are planning an event with more than 500 people.

However you should also consider developing a waste management plan if your event includes high waste content such as leaflet material, food stalls, giveaways, large scale catering, or if your event is in an environmentally/culturally sensitive area.

Your event waste management plan should include the following details:

  • Type of waste that will be on site
  • How waste will be contained and monitored during the event
  • How waste will be removed
  • Type number and location of bins on site

View more information on waste management at events - Ministry for the Environment - Waste Management



Page reviewed: 26 Feb 2014 4:59pm