Age-friendly Taupo District

​At present, 17.2 per cent of the population in the Taupo District is over 65 years of age. This is estimated to rise to 29.8 per cent of the population by 2033. To find out how we can make the Taupo District more age-friendly, we helped organise a steering committee to represent older people.

The committee involves various community groups, service providers and individuals working with or for older people in our district. Their purpose is to look at areas that can be improved for older people. The aim is to find out what needs to be done to improve our district’s age-friendliness.

What is age friendliness?

The concept of age-friendliness was developed by the World Health Organisation. It encourages active ageing by utilising opportunities for health and community participation. It also looks at security to improve the quality of life for older people.

Eight areas are identified as influencing the health and quality of life for older people:

1) Outdoor spaces and buildingsGuide book.
2) Transportation
3) Housing
4) Social Participation
5) Respect and social inclusion
6) Civic participation and employment
7) Communication and information
8) Community support and health services

In practical terms, an age-friendly town adapts its structures and services to be accessible to and inclusive of older people with varying needs and capacities.


Old driver.  The first focus area for the committee is transport and mobility. A transport survey was circulated and feedback indicated a high percentage of seniors and those with mobility issues find transportation inadequate.

The ‘Driving On’ refresher course for drivers over 65 was launched after this. This free course covers road rules, safety and the affect the aging process can have on your driving. The course is classroom based, not a practical driving test, and is facilitated by driving instructor. More information can be found on the Driving On webpage.

The other main concern for older people in the district is seating. Following on from discussions, it has been agreed that one of the major supermarket chains will create seating for older people in local stores. Seating has also been provided in some of the parks and recreational areas in the district.


For more information on Age friendliness in the Taupo District, please contact or phone 07 376 0899.

Policy for the Older Person

There are a number of council activities that have a more significant effect on the older population. We have brought these together to enable this segment of the community to have their interests represented in one document.

Policy for the Older Person

Housing for Older People in the Taupo District

We administer 55 pensioner units in the Taupo District. The units range in size from one to two bedrooms and include kitchen, bathroom, lounge and dining facilities. The aim of the amenities is to allow older people to live independent lives within their communities in safe, healthy and affordable homes.

Application Criteria

Grandparents.  In order to be eligible for one of the pensioner units, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 60 years old or over
  • Be on a benefit (e.g. invalid, national superannuation, widow, transitional, emergency)
  • Have assets of under the following amount:
    Single person - $15,000
    Couple - $20,000
    (Please note: This amount excludes assets such as cars, furniture and personal effects.)


We administer 40 pensioner units in two locations in Taupo. 29 units are located in a complex on the corner of Rifle Range Road and Konini Street, opposite the Paetiki Shopping Centre. 11 units are situated in Woodward Street, Nukuhau.

Tenants each have their own small gardens at the back and front of the unit. Most units have single bedrooms but four units have double bedrooms. Each unit has a separate kitchen, bathroom and lounge dining areas. There is an active Neighbourhood Watch Group on site.

For more information on fees and charges click here or for applications phone 07 376 0899.


​Called the Turangi Retirement Complex, these six pensioner units are located in Wharepapa Close. There are six units: four one-bedroom units and two two-bedroom units.

For more information on fees and charges click here or for applications phone 07 386 7017.


We administer 11 single pensioner units in Karamu Street, Mangakino, close to the shopping centre. Each unit has a bedroom, with separate kitchen and lounge dining area.

For more information on fees and charges click here or for applications phone 07 882 8700. 

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