​​If you want to connect to one of our water systems - reticulated water, wastewater or stormwater system - please apply using the form below. Permission needs to be granted before connections can be made.

Water/Wastewater/Stormwater Connection Application 

We are responsible for managing the community’s water services systems. This involves protecting and maintaining assets and ensuring that any new connections comply with agreed standards. These have been established to ensure that what gets built is:

  • Fit for purpose
  • Consistent with community requirements, as recorded in the Code of Practice for Development Standards
  • Will not require on-going unnecessary and expensive maintenance
  • Does not increase demands on the system such that existing users are adversely affected
  • Does not create an unsafe or unhygienic situations
  • Drinking water cannot be contaminated


With the exception of certain areas as set out in the District Plan, private properties are not connected to the stormwater system. This is because the Taupo District has porous soils that allow most private property rainwater to be easily discharged onsite. Stormwater from individual properties is expected to be disposed of within the boundaries of the property or into natural watercourses. Discharge will be subject to resource consent conditions from Waikato Regional Council.

Someone connecting illegally or introducing inappropriate substances into our service mains can be fined under the Local Government Act 2002, Water Supply Protection Regulations 1961 and Health Act 1956.

Where connections involve working in or close to a public road or in hazardous situations (for example in deep trenches or close to other services), proper consideration must be given to maintaining the safety of the general public and people carrying out the work.

Sewer connections carrying trade wastes will require special consideration and will be referred to our wastewater engineer. 

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