Water Mains Flushing

​​Taupo District Council contractors Downer carry out routine flushing of dead-end and outlying water mains, usually twice a year to flush out sediment that may have built up in the network.

Downer will leave their calling cards in the affected properties letterboxes to inform residents that water mains flushing has taken place in there street.

Most residents will not notice any change in their water supply after the water-mains have been flushed, however we recommended residents flush their front outside taps as a precaution to prevent possible rusty water from staining washing.

Flush water before drin​​king

Residents are reminded of the Ministry of Health recommendation to flush a mugful of water from drinking-water taps (including those with filters) each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved from plumbing fittings. This is recommended for all households, including those on public and private water supplies.

A water supply int​erruption

Taupo District Council contractors Downer will also put a notice in resident's letterboxes to let them know if there has been a water supply interruption. 

Problems you may experience when the water is back on:

  • Milky white water: There are no health concerns here, this is usually just air trapped in the water.  To clear, simply turn on a tap to a high flow and run until it runs clear. If the water is still milky after 10 minutes contact us​.  
  • Dirty or rusty water: Flushing of the water mains has stirred up residue in the pipework.  To clear, simply turn on a tap to a high flow and run until it runs clear.  If the water is still dirty or rusty after 10 minutes contact us.  
  • Plumbing or pressure problems: Toilet not refilling or water not running properly (low pressure). An airlock or residue may have blocked part of the fillings. Turn on your outside tap hard for at least 10 minutes, if there is still no water contact us.

Page reviewed: 28 Nov 2017 12:16pm