In 2006, Taupo District Council undertook the mammoth task of cataloguing and moving the organisations archival records into a storage site that better met the preservation needs for our historical information. This gave us an opportunity to take stock of what we held, provide the appropriate preservation attention required and work towards ensuring the archives were more accessible to the community.

Our archive holds the records made or received by the organisation over its lifetime and are no longer used in a day to day capacity. The records have been transferred to the archive for their continuing evidential, informational, cultural or historical value. These include the original records for the district and its changing boundaries dating from the Taupo Road Board in 1922 through to the District Council of today.

What is in the archive?

A wealth of information is available in the archive. Records held of notable interest include:

  • Minutes and agendas of council, sub-committees and boards dating from 1922
  • Aerial and local photography of the district dating from 1938
  • Cemetery records
  • Early power development in the district
  • Rating records dating from 1928
  • District planning records
  • Property information (available at our Customer Service kiosks in Mangakino, Taupo and Turangi)
  • Administration of amalgamations and boundary changes
  • Limited Ministry of Works records for power generation townships
  • Departmental records

Who can use the archive?

All those who have an interest in Taupo and the wider district. For example, historians, academic, corporate and school researchers, genealogists, one-off local interest enquiries, developers, council staff and many others.

When can you access the archive?

The archive is open by appointment only. The council archivist will be available to provide guidance as to what the archive holds and assist with access to open records.

To better assist in helping you find what you are looking for please fill out a Request for Information online form. Alternatively, if you would like to make an appointment to discuss your needs please contact the Information Management Team, or 07 376 0899. 

All requests for information are completed under the requirements of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. Some charges may apply and these are covered in the Taupo District Council Policy on Official Information Requests. ​

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