Taupo D​​​istr​​ict airfields and no-fly zones

Drone operators need to be aware there is a no-fly zone over a large part of the Taupo District - including all of Lake Taupo - as there are several aerodromes in the area. 

Civil Aviation Authority rules do not allow drones to be flown within 4km of any airfield or aerodrome, unless certain conditions are met including approval from the aer​odrome operator. All requests for approval from aerodrome operators to fly a drone in the Taupo area are made through Taupo Airport​.  

Aerodromes in the Taupo District:​

  • Lake Taupo Aerodrome (includes area above water and 4km buffer from shoreline)
  • Taupo Airport
  • Taupo Hospital Helipad
  • Heli Adventure Helipad 
  • Centennial Park Aerodrome
  • Turangi Aerodrome 

View aerodrome maps and request approval to fly a drone

​​​​​​​​​Complying with ​Civil Aviation Au​​tho​rity rules

If you want to operate a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS), commonly known as a drone,​​ in the Taupo District you need to ​​fully comply with the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand ​(CAA) rules.

The CAA rules include restrictions on various conditions of flight; including heights, weights, proximity to airfields and permissions required for flying over private and public property. ​

If you breach the CAA’s drone rules you are subject to possible fines, criminal prosecution and confiscation of the aircraft. As a dron​e oper​​​ator you c​​an still face penalties even if you are unaware you are breaking the rules.​

​Getting consent from people and property owne​rs

Another aspect of being compliant with CAA rules is ensuring ​you get permission from people and property owners before flying over them. Private property owners must give pers​onal consent while in the case of public land, you will need to ge​t approval from the relevan​t gover​​ning authority. ​​

Flying a drone over Taupō District Coun​cil land

If you would like to fly a drone over Taupo District Council land, including reserves, you must apply for a permit.

The Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for investigating complaints about the dangerous use of drones. 

If a drone flies above your property without permission and you feel your privacy has been breached, you can make a complaint to the Privacy Commissoner. 

If a drone presents an immediate danger to public safety, contact the Police.


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