Pool inspections and charges

We recently sent a letter to pool owners across the district explaining that we are required by law to undertake regular pool inspections under the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act.

We have already inspected the majority of swimming pools in the district and now our focus will shift to ensuring ongoing compliance.

Inspections will be undertaken on rolling schedule and will be based on a risk category. The higher the risk the more frequent inspections will occur. The Government guidelines suggest all pools are inspected between one and five years. We will be inspecting high risk pools every year and lower risk pools at three to four year intervals.

Given the large number of pools in the district, staff will be scheduling the inspections and making contact with pool owners to ensure the inspection can be done at a convenient time.

While there was no charge for the first phase of the programme, as this was targeted at education and reaching high compliance rates to ensure public safety, fees have been introduced for subsequent inspections . The fees and charges schedule can be found here.

If you have any questions about your pool please contact our customer service team on 07 376 0899.​

Page reviewed: 10 Sep 2015 9:02am