Check Clean Dry

Rock snot, didymo and algae are terms we need to be constantly aware of with the lakes and waterways in our district constantly exposed to the threat of these freshwater pests. 

If you’ve ever entered a swim or triathlon here, you would have had your wetsuit ‘dipped’ before the event or you may be a boat or jetski user and seen the Check Clean Dry signs about. This is all an effort to prevent these pests taking hold in our lakes and rivers. 

Whenever you move between waterways you must check, clean and dry all your gear that comes into contact with water, regardless of the location. 

Let's all look afte​r the place we love and keep our waterways enjoyable for many years to come. 

Watch this video or visit the Biosecurity New Zealand website for more information and tips on how to properly clean your gear.​​

Page reviewed: 27 Nov 2018 11:21am