Noise Control

There are two different types of noise problems, excessive and unreasonable. 


Excessive noise is usually generated by loud stereo equipment from any place.
Excessive noise, as determined by the investigating officer, is not allowed at any time. If a complaint is received, a compliance officer or approved council contractor will visit the site where the noise is being generated.
If the noise at that time is considered to be excessive a 'Direction to Reduce Excessive Noise' notice may be issued. If the notice is breached in the following 72 hours the source of the noise may be confiscated. Police must also attend in this instance.


Unreasonable noise can be generated by industrial type machinery or similar when it is being operated.
Our staff can have the noise reduced to a reasonable level in accordance with the Resource Management Act. 
Please contact us on (07) 376 0899 at any time to report any excessive or unreasonable noise disturbances.
Page reviewed: 04 Jun 2014 9:49am