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​​​​​​​Free neutering offered for menacing dogs​

The Department of Internal Affairs is currently administering a nationwide subsidised neutering programme for menacing dogs. Nationally, $850,000 of funding has been allocated to provide funding to councils to carry out neutering programmes with Taupo District Council receiving $15,000 of this funding.
With the help of this grant, Council’s goal is to desex as many menacing dogs in the district as possible. To do this, free desexing for registered menacing dogs is available. For unregistered menacing dogs, they can be microchipped and registered for a discounted rate and can then be desexed.
Registering and microchipping an unregistered menacing dog will cost $35 and desexing is free.
There are currently 118 registered dogs classified as menacing in the Taupo District, with 92 of those still intact. (Yet to be desexed.) The number of unregistered menacing dogs is currently unknown.
Desexing menacing dogs will become compulsory in the future, so owners are being encouraged to take advantage of getting this done for free – desexing can cost up to $400.
What is a menacing dog?
Dogs can be classed as menacing if they are seen or are reported to be posing a threat to people or wildlife. There are also five types of dogs automatically classed as menacing - the Brazilian Fila, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Perro de Presa Canario and Pit Bulls.
A menacing dog must be on a lead and muzzled at all times when in public places to ensure the risk to the public is minimised.
What is a dangerous dog?
Dangerous dogs are those classed as high risk, usually after an attack or aggressive behaviour that is deemed to be a serious threat to the community. Unlike menacing dogs, there are no specific breeds deemed dangerous. There is a growing number of dogs in the Taupo District deemed dangerous and include Fox Terriers, Mastiffs, German Shepherds, Schnauzers, Pit Bulls and Labradors.
Once a dog is classed as dangerous it must be kept in a property that is securely fenced and allows safe access to at least one door of the dwelling. It must be on a lead and muzzled at all times in public and be neutered. Owners of these dogs pay a higher dog registration fee due to the higher level of compliance needed.
How do I get my menacing dog desexed?
If your dog is registered, you will be contacted by council with an opportunity to book your dog into a nominated vet clinic for desexing. You can also contact council on 0800 ASK TDC (0800 275 832) for more information.
If you dog is not registered, you are still able to have it desexed for free. Please contact council for more information.
Discounted registration and microchipping
We are also offering discounted registration and microchipping for $35 for all newly registered menacing dogs and this can be booked by contacting council, or visiting our offices in Taupo, Turangi or Mangakino.
Read our press release: Free neutering offered for menacing dogs​ 
Read the New Zealand Government press release: National action plan to reduce dog attacks​

Special Dog Policy

Dog owners who meet the following criteria are entitled to discounted dog registration fees under our Special Dog Policy.

  • Adequate fencing (there must be at least one accessible door without entering the area where the dog is kept), or adequate kennelling/run (where the dog is housed during the day), or where the dog is located indoors at all times.
  • Good owner history i.e. no impounding, infringements, justified complaints or late dog registration payments/penalties within the last two years.
  • No dangerous dog classifications have been issued to your dog(s).
  • All dogs owned or kept by you are registered and comply with micro-chipping requirements.

If you hold special dog status already, your registration payment must be made by 1 July or your special dog status will be lost and full charges will apply.

View or download a Special Dog licence application


All dogs that are registered for the first time, unless they are working dogs, are required to be microchipped.

Please ensure you supply us with the microchip details if your dog has been microchipped by a veterinary surgeon or the SPCA.

Our pound staff offer a microchipping service at a cost of $20 per dog which can be paid at any of our offices. We do accept EFTPOS only at the pound.

Dogs may be presented to the Taupo dog pound at 131 Centennial Drive during normal opening hours. In some circumstances and only those that would prevent an owner transporting their dog a request for a Compliance Officer to visit can be made (note – payment must be made before any visit). Your local vet is also able to microchip your dog who will provide you with a certificate, a copy then must be given to council.  ​

Permit requirements for multiple dogs

Dog owners who want more than two dogs in a residential area may need to apply to us for a permit. Refer to our Control of Dogs Bylaw 2013 (PDF 3.8Mb) document, section 13.

When applying for a permit approval you will need:

  • A permit application to keep more than two dogs
  • A one-off non refundable permit application fee of $100 (including GST)
  • A boundary neighbours agreement
  • Good fencing
  • Kennelling suitable for the size and number of dogs you own
  • No recent history of complaints, e.g. dogs barking excessively, dogs roaming, smell from the area that dogs are kept in.

All dogs must be registered and any changes notified to us as soon as possible.

Permit for Multiple Dogs Application form

Pooper scooper bags and dispensers

Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animals by ensuring any faeces are suitably wrapped to prevent fouling of any litter bins or other public receptacle. Free pooper-scoopers bags are available at our offices. Dispensers for the bags are also located in many of our dog exercise areas.

Owners that fail to comply with our Control of Dogs Bylaw 2013 (PDF 3.8Mb) may receive a $300 infringement.

Dog breeds and colours

Information on breeds and colours of dogs can be found here.

If you have lost your dog

  • Phone our customer service team on (07) 3760 899.
  • Visit the pound in case your dog's description differs from that in the impounding book. 
  • Visit the Taupo SPCA (same location as the pound).
  • Go to the Taupo lost and found Facebook page and post the dog's details and picture.
  • Put a circular in letter boxes with the dog's description and your contact phone number
  • Advertise in the newspaper and on the radio.

Dogs are only held in the animal shelter for seven days before adoption or euthanasia.

If you find a dog

  • Phone customer services 07 3760 899.
  • Dogs may also be placed in the amnesty cages located at the Taupo dog pound. 

​Pound locations and impounding fees

Pound locations

Our pounds provide kennelling for roaming, stray or lost dogs as well as providing a secure area for dogs that have been seized for non-compliance of regulations.

The Taupo pound at 131 Centennial Drive is open from Monday to Friday, midday until 2pm, excluding public holidays. Access is through via Owen Delany Drive. Mangakino dogs are also held at the Taupo pound.

The Turangi dog pound is open by appointment only. Please contact the Turangi Service Centre
on (07) 386 7017.

Taupo Pound

Taupo pound map.   

 Turangi Pound

 Turangi pound map.

Impounding fees

Fees can be paid at any of our offices or by EFTPOS at the Taupo pound.

If a dog is impounded on more than one occasion during a 12 month period, the owner may be issued with an Infringement Notice and charged a fee of either $200 or $300.

A dog may be impounded for breach of the Dog Control Act 1996 or local bylaws, with the main reason being failure of the owner to control their dog.

Dogs must be registered, microchipped and all fees paid before being released from the pound. 

The current registration fee must also be paid before the dog is released from the pound.

Impounding fees can be viewed here. 

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