​​​​​Stock in urban areas

Animals, bees and poultry kept in urban areas can become a nuisance and be offensive to neighbours unless carefully controlled. Keeping pigs in urban areas is not permitted in the district and there are special requirements for keeping poultry.

Our Animals, Birds and Bees Bylaw 2016​ has details about keeping stock in urban areas.

Wandering stock

Stock can be dangerous if left to wander on roads and it will be impounded. The NZ Transport Authority is responsible for stock on state highways. Stock that are trespassing on private land can also be impounded.

Stock movement permit

A stock movement permit is needed to move livestock on public roads and state highways.

You can apply for a stock movement permit online.

The intent of the permit is to provide guidelines on the conditions under which livestock can safely be moved on public roads and allows us to advise other road users where livestock is likely to be encountered.

Page reviewed: 24 Nov 2017 9:54am