Certificate of Acceptance

​​A certificate of acceptance (CoA) provides a limited assurance that we are satisfied, on reasonable grounds, that unconsented building work complies with the current New Zealand Building Code.

A CoA applies to building work undertaken after 1 July 1992 where:
  • an owner or previous owner carried out building work without consent (but a consent should have been obtained)
  • work has been carried out urgently in accordance with section 42 of the Building Act 2004
  • a private building consent authority is unable or refuses to issue a code compliance certificate.
The certificate may identify parts of the building work that we could not inspect and it may exclude work that does not comply or where there is not enough evidence that it complies. 

A CoA cannot be issued for any building work that has been included under a building consent, where the building work was undertaken and not inspected.​

Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment: Certificate of acceptance​

How to apply

All applications are submitted online. If you need any assistance with your application, please phone 07 3760899.

An online services account needs to be created, or logged into if you have an existing one.

Applications should be accompanied by:
  • plans and specifications
  • project information memorandum, if one has been issued
  • evidence that the work complies with the building code as it stands at the time of application (which may differ from the time the work was carried out). This is required to be in the form of a report that considers all of the work undertaken and how it complies with relevant building code clauses. It is likely you will need to engage the services of a suitably qualified and experienced person who understands the building code and the inspection of buildings (an example may be a member of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors, an architect, or in some cases an engineer)
  • any other reports or statements from the people who carried out the work
  • a list of all the specified systems for the building and those that are being altered, added to or removed from the building in the course of the building work, if a compliance schedule or an amended compliance schedule is required as a result of the building work.

Once accepted, we have 20 working days to process your application. If we need to ask you for further information then the 20 working day clock will be paused until that information has been received in full.


A deposit fee is required to be paid when the application is submitted. 

In addition to the deposit, other fees and/or levies will be applicable. 

Fees and charges

Note: It is an offence to carry out building work that requires a building consent without obtaining prior approval. 

If you are unable to demonstrate compliance with the building code, we may refuse to issue a CoA, and you may also need to remove the building work.

Issuing a CoA for unauthorised building work does not limit us from taking further enforcement action.
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