Change a Building Consent

​When you start your building project, you may want to make changes to your consented building work. How you request those changes will depend on whether they are considered a minor variation or an amendment.

Minor variation

Minor variations are changes that do not deviate significantly from the plans and specifications approved with your building consent.

Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment: Minor variations​

If you wish to make a minor variation to your building project, give us a call on 07 376 0899 to discuss. A building inspector can also assess and approve minor variations on-site. 


Amendments are changes that are outside the scope of the original building consent. These changes are required to go through a formal amendment process and must be approved before the altered work can begin.

Applications for amendment can be submitted online, along with a new set of plans and specifications to accurately reflect what will be built.

Application for building consent and/or PIM (including amendment & temporary structures)

Once accepted, we have 20 working days to process your application. If we need to ask you for further information then the 20 working day clock will be paused until that information has been received in full. Fees apply for amendment applications.​

Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment: Guidance to building consent amendments

Fees and charges​
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