Code Compliance Certificates

​​A code compliance certificate is a formal statement issued by us that confirms we are satisfied on reasonable grounds that the work complies with the building consent.

How to apply

An owner must apply for a code compliance certificate after all consented building work is completed.

Before your final inspection is booked, we require the application for the code compliance certificate to be submitted along with any additional supporting documentation such as:
  • records of work provided by licensed building practitioners (where restricted building work applies)
  • electrical or gas certificates 
  • producer statements
  • any other documentation requested at the time the building consent was issued or during the construction process.
We require this documentation to be provided in electronic format. It can be uploaded to your online application or emailed to

Once received, the application and supporting documentation will be assessed by a building management officer for completeness. If any of the required documentation is missing, we will request further information and the application will be placed on hold.
If deemed complete, you will be notified that a final inspection can be booked. Bookings can be made through the GoBuild app on your device or by phoning our customer services team on 07 376 0899.

How long does it take?​

Once the application has been accepted, we have 20 working days to decide whether to issue a code compliance certificate. We will complete a final inspection to sign off the building work as per the approved consent plans and documentation.
If the inspection fails, the work to be fixed will be recorded on the site notice. Another inspection will be required to inspect the remedial work. The application for code compliance certificate will be placed on hold until the building work is re-inspected and deemed compliant.​

Compliance schedule

If the building has specified systems, you may require a compliance schedule. A compliance schedule details the inspection, maintenance and reporting requirements for the specified systems in a building and will be issued at the same time as the code compliance certificate. 

A fee may apply.

More information

Addition​​​​al fees​​​​

Depending on the type of the application and the inspection process, there may be additional fees charged before a code compliance certificate can be issued. ​

These fees include:
  • extra inspections undertaken above those paid at the time the consent was issued
  • a development contribution
  • the issue of a compliance schedule.
An invoice will be issued and the application placed on hold until the outstanding fees have been paid.
Payment can be made online via credit card or by internet banking.

Do it online building consent payment

Be sure to quote your building consent number (e.g. BCXXXXXX) when paying by internet banking to ensure your payment is allocated to the correct account. Payments made without a suitable reference may result in a delay issuing your code compliance certificate.​

Complaints and appeal process

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