Project Information Memorandum


​What is a project information memorandum?

A project information memorandum (PIM) is a report issued by us that sets out information about your property and the requirements of other acts that might be relevant to your building project.

It contains information that may affect approval for a proposed building project such as:
  • erosion
  • avulsion (removal of land by water action)
  • falling debris
  • subsidence
  • slippage
  • alluvium (the deposit of silt from flooding)
  • flooding
  • the presence of hazardous contaminants which are likely to be relevant to the design, construction or alteration of your proposed building which are known to us.
  • details of storm water or wastewater utility systems which relate to your proposed building work, or are adjacent to your building site.
  • whether a resource consent is required
  • whether other laws affect the site e.g. heritage building/sites
  • whether a development contribution is required
  • whether the proposed use of the building will require an evacuation scheme approved by the New Zealand Fire Service.
A PIM provides either:

  • confirmation that building work may be done, subject to the requirements of the building consent and provided all other necessary authorisations have been obtained; or
  • notification that building work may not be done because necessary authorisation has been refused, even though a building consent may have been issued.

Important: A PIM does not give any form of approval under the District Plan or Building Act. Contact us or your own planning advisor to determine that your proposal complies with the District Plan. If it does not, and resource consent is required, you are strongly advised to obtain this before seeking a building consent to avoid possible expensive changes to your proposal.

Do I have to apply for a PIM?

PIMs are voluntary. It is, however, recommended that a PIM be applied for prior to the lodgement of a building consent application as the information contained in the report may prevent delays and reduce costs in the design of your proposal.

We are required to undertake the appropriate checks for any special land features or additional authorisations required whether a PIM is applied for or not. Costs incurred by this assessment will be on charged to the applicant.

How do I apply for a PIM​?

Apply for a PIM using our online application form.

If you need any assistance with your application, please phone 07 376 0899.

An online services account needs to be created, or logged into if you have an existing one.

Application for building consent and/or PIM (including amendment & temporary structures)

What information is requir​ed?

All applications must be accompanied by a copy of the following documents:
  • site plan
  • floor plan
  • building elevations
  • drainage plan
  • certificate of title (and any related consent notices) - if unable to locate a certificate of title, we can provide one at a cost.
How long does it take?
Once accepted, we have 20 working days to process your application. If we need to ask you for further information then the 20 working day clock will be paused until that information has been received in full.

The PIM will be emailed to you when it is issued.

If the PIM is applied for with the building consent, then the timeframe for issuing both is 20 working days. 

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