Cemeteries and Crematorium

​​​Taupo District cemeteries

 We undertake to provide a reliable and responsive interment service within the Taupo District.

Lawn Cemeteries are provided at Rickit Street in Taupo, Aonini Road in Turangi, and Lake Road in Mangakino. These are all operated and maintained by us. Taupo has an historic cemetery and one Maori cemetery located on Lake Terrace.

There are two cemeteries in Mangakino. The main cemetery is on the intersection of Lake and Waipapa Roads. A Maori cemetery, called Urupa, is further along Waipapa Road.

Records and information

​Taupo District cemeteries online database is available to search through cemetery records to find details about burials.

Interment records are also kept at our offices in Taupo, Turangi and Mangakino and are accessible during normal working hours. The information is available to families, relatives, and friends and may also be used for genealogical research.

Bookings and fees

To find out about fees or to book a service call your local council office or make an online enquiry.

Apply online

Erecting a headstone or plaque

For permission to erect a headstone you must fill out an application to erect a headstone or plaque and return it to your local council office. The maximum dimensions for a headstone are 950 mm height x 450 mm depth x 1065 mm wide.

Visiting information

  • Gates at the Taupo Public Cemetery are open daily from 7am to 5pm.
  • Turangi and Mangakino Cemeteries have no gates and can be accessed at any time.
  • Dogs are to be controlled on a leash at all times when within a cemetery.
  • Our cemeteries operate a six-day a week interment service with a minimum of one day’s notice. This is in accordance with the Cemetery and Cremations Act 1964 and the District Cemetery Bylaws.


It is illegal to remove any body (or the remains of any body) buried in any burial ground without a disinterment licence from the Public Health Service.

Contact details

Any additional information about Taupo cemeteries can be obtained by phoning the following council offices or by making an online enquiry.

​Location Address​ ​Phone
​Taupo ​Rickit Street 07 376 0899
​Turangi ​Aonini Road 07 386 7017​
​Mangakino Lake Road​ 07 882 8700​

Other information

View aerial photographs of Taupo District cemeteries by clicking on the photos below.

Taupo map.   
Turangi map.          Mangakino map.
        Turangi                                   Mangakino


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