Resource Consents

Any development, subdivision or other proposed use of a site must be assessed against the Council's District Plan. Anything not permitted by the plan requires a resource consent.

Permitted activity

Each District Plan allows some activities to proceed as a Permitted Activity. There are differences, depending on whether a site is in a Residential, Rural, Industrial or Town Centre environment. If a proposal does not comply with the standards for the environment it occupies, then a resource consent is required.

Don't be afraid to talk to your neighbours, if you think your proposal might affect their property.

Activities that may require a resource consent range from building a new deck, to planning a new multi-level apartment building, to wanting to set up a work from home business.

Resource consent applications have a statutory processing timeframe of 20 working days, provided all the relevant information is attached and the application can be processed without limited or public notification.

If you wish to discuss matters regarding resource consents either as an applicant or as an affected person, please contact our development planner. This can be done by either booking an appointment, by email to or by phone on 07 376 0899.

Changes are made to the Taupo District Plan for any number of reasons. These changes must follow a statutory process established by the Resource Management Act and all of which involve the involvement of the community. More information is available on the plan changes currently being worked on and on plan changes generally.

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Lodgement of resource consent applications

Applications can now be made using an online application form where you are able to upload your application documents and submit it to us. 

Benefits of applying online:

  • Quick, simple and easy to use system
  • No need to send in bulky copies of documentation - simply upload your documents to your online account
  • Upload large documents
  • If you don't have everything you need you can save your work and continue on later

A lodgement fee is still required to be paid, however, once the application is submitted and acknowledged by our business support team you will receive you​r allocated debtor number in which to pay the lodgement fee. This can be paid online or over the counter at one of our offices.

Apply online here!

Alternatively, applications can be applied for electronically to or on a CD or USB stick.

Lodgement fees can either be paid in person at our offices with a copy of the covering letter or via direct credit by requesting the RM number (our reference number) in your email when lodging the application. The team will then be in contact with account information and the RM number reference to quote on the direct credit payment. Please note this needs to be received within two working days from the date of the email lodging the application. If it is not received your application will be returned. Go to the Schedule of Fees and Charges for lodgement fee.

When submitting your applications, please either scan the document as a whole or scan the main resource consent assessment and the appendices/attachments separately. Your application can be e-mailed to This is only for new applications.

Please only send one application per email. There is no need to follow this up with a hard copy to our main office.

View application forms and additional information guides.

Lodgement of post subdivision applications using e–certification in land online

When lodging post subdivision applications i.e. approval of Sections 223/224 of the RMA 1991, using Land Information New Zealand’s electronic certification we require the following:

  • Covering letter advising what you’re applying for
  • Lodgement fee
  • Copy of the Certificate packages, with easements if applicable and survey plans
  • The usual correspondence showing evidence consent conditions have been met

These applications may also be lodged by email to

Notified resource consents​

View the current notified resource consent applications here​.

Timeframes under the RMA

The Resource Management Act sets maximum times for processing applications and notifying relevant parties of the decision.

Time limits vary depending on whether a hearing is required. For example, a decision on a non-notified controlled activity must be made within 20 working days of receiving all the required information.

A decision on a notified discretionary activity, which attracts public submissions, must be made within 70 days. Timeframes may be extended where further information is required or at the applicant's request.

Useful numbers​

  • B4UDig - 0800 248 344
  • Contact Energy - Freephone 0800 80 9000
  • Genesis Energy - Freephone 0800 436 374
  • Telecom - Freephone 123
  • Trust Power - Freephone 0800 87 87 87
  • Unison - Freephone 0800 286 476
  • Vector Gas - 0800 734 567
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