Home Composting

There are a lot of ways to do your bit for the environment and composting is an easy one. When we throw away green waste, such as food scraps or lawn clippings, it ends up in our landfill.

Composting is an inexpensive, natural way to deal with this waste. Composting will help you reduce green house gas production and decrease landfill deposits while saving you money and improving your garden.​

Free home composting workshops in Taupo and Turangi

Want to learn how to compost? Come along to one of the workshops we're holding in partnership with Taupo Community Gardens in Taupo or Awhi Farm in Turangi that aim to educate interested residents on how to make composting work for them in their own back​yards. 

The 90-minute workshops are held on the last Saturday of the month, between October and May (except for December) ​at the following locations: 

Taupo workshops
Taupo Community Gardens 
98 Richmond Avenue (near the Waipahihi sports ground)
Richmond Heights 
Taupo Community Gardens location map

Turangi workshops
Awhi Farm
29 Atirau Road (next to Turangi Golf Club)
Awhi Farm location map

Workshop dates 2018/19 (all workshops start at 1.30pm)
October 27 
November 24
January 26
February 23
March 30
April 27
May 25

"Just like to say wha​t a wonder​ful afternoon. Anya did a great job and I think everyone there would agree. I am so hooked on it now and can't wait to get setup. Great stuff."
Bryan Martin

Home composting offer

We are encouraging Taupo District families to recycle their green and food waste and as an incentive are offering a subsidy toward composting equipment. There are savings of up to $100 on selected composting equipment available from Taupo stores and online.

There are four options available to suit your composting needs from worm farms to home composting units. They come in different sizes, and cater for indoor or outdoor use, so you can choose one that fits with your family’s size and needs.

Vouchers are available from your local council office!

Option 1: Earthmaker – a composter for larger quantities and mix of material. Sold at Mitre 10 and Bunnings, for more information visit www.earthmaker.co.nz.

Option 2: Hungry Bin – worm farm, for medium to larger families, handles up to 2kg of waste per day. Sold at RD1, Mitre 10 and Palmers Garden Centre; for more information visit www.hungrybin.co.nz.

Option 3: Can-O-Worms – for small to medium families. Sold at Mitre 10 and Bunnings (worms not included) or for more information visit www.wormsrus.co.nz.

Option 4: Bokashi ZING – a compact, indoor waste composting system. This is only available online directly from the supplier and the composting system will be delivered directly to your door. For more information visit www.zingbokashi.co.nz.

For worms to use in the Hungry Bin or Can-O-Worms systems, email Worms R Us on info@wormsrus.co.nz or phone 0508 967 677 or 09 279 4597 ext. 1. Worms are not subsidised.

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