Rural Waste

Burying and burning of waste materials, particularly hazardous waste materials, is not a sustainable practice. We have Broadlands Road Resource Recovery Park and five transfer stations located throughout the district to help residents dispose of waste sustainably.

Recycling is accepted at all of the waste facilities along with waste for landfill.

The following services are also provided for farmers and growers to enable them to dispose of unused or unwanted agrichemicals and their containers, safely and sustainably.

Unused/unwanted farm agrichemicals

Unused or unwanted farm agrichemicals can be dropped off at Broadlands Road Resource Recovery Park for safe disposal. There is no charge for the drop off.

Recycling agrichemical and animal remedy plastic containers

Farm agrichemical and animal remedy plastic container disposal is an ongoing problem for farmers and growers throughout New Zealand. Agrecovery gives farmers and growers the opportunity to now dispose of these plastic containers in a responsible and sustainable way for free.

The Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme provides New Zealand’s primary sector with responsible and sustainable systems for the recovery and recycling of persistent “on-farm” waste products.

Established in 2005, Agrecovery is a not-for-profit charitable trust put together by primary sector stakeholders. Its nationwide services are available for farmers, growers, contractors, sports turf managers, vet clinics and others within the New Zealand primary sector.

The aim of the programme is to provide a sustainable solution to help manage the sector’s impact on the environment and to meet increasing customer demands for best environmental practice.

For detailed information about how Agrecovery can help you deal with persistent waste on your farm or property, please visit or freephone 0800 (AGRECOVERY) 247326.

Agrecovery is available at Broadlands Road Resource Recovery Park. You can drop off your triple rinsed containers anytime during normal landfill hours. All containers are inspected by a trained inspector prior to being accepted. They will check that your containers are cleaned properly (triple rinsed) and are eligible brands for collection.

Rinsing tips

  • Triple or pressure rinse your containers immediately following use.
  • Pour the RINSE WATER back in to your spray tank. Repeat process three times.
  • Clean outside of container thoroughly to ensure all traces of chemicals are removed.
  • Do not remove label.
  • Remove lid and puncture holes in the container, allowing it to dry thoroughly.
  • For difficult to clean containers such as those containing suspension concentrates (Altrazine, Simazine etc.) or oil-based chemicals (ULVs, LVs), go to to view cleaning tips.
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