Waste Minimisation


​​​​​​Waste Management and Minimisati​on Plan 

As required by the Waste Minimisation Act 2008, our Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) has been developed to protect our district from harm and to provide environmental, social, economic and cultural benefits. 

Our WMMP goal is to:

“To protect public health​ and safeguard the Taupō district environment by ensuring waste and diverted material is managed in a safe and sustainable manner that maintains natural and aesthetic values and to have the cleanest district in New Zealand”

A key part to working towards this goal involves considering the role of waste in the wider economy, including issues of resource efficiency and viewing waste as a resource, rather than as an issue to be managed. 

Taupo District Council proposes to continue to provide a range of waste management and minimisation services similar to those cu​rrently in place. In addition, Council support the commun​ity to achieve further waste diversion through education and supporting local waste m​inimisation initiatives.​

​Read the full plan:

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (PDF, 1.3MB)

Information on waste minimisation initiatives that the community can benefit from is outlined below. 

Learning a​bout waste

Wasted New Zealand is a video series that takes you on a journey through our key waste streams here in New Zealand including recycling, waste water, food waste and landfill.​​ Learn about where all of our w​aste goes and what we can all do to make a difference!​

Watch the full series of videos

​Waste free summer – let’s make it hap​pen!

We can all do our bit to prevent waste from the start, and to reuse, recycle and make smart choices about what we buy. With that in mind, the Ministry fo​r the Environment have launched a campaign to help New Zealanders reduce their waste over summer.​

Waste-free parenting workshops

Want to reduce your ecological footprint and find easy solutions to waste-free parenting? The nationally renowned ‘Nappy Lady’, Kate Meads, holds waste-free parenti​ng workshops in Taupo every year.

The workshops are for parents who want to make responsible choices to reduce their waste output,
minimising families’ ecological impact and introducing the community to exciting and modern waste-free alternatives to expensive disposable products. At the workshops, parents and parents-to-be receive tips and information on what they can do at home to reduce their waste output.

The workshops are held at the Great Lake Centre and all those who attend receive a waste-free parenting goodie bag. 

Check waste-free workshop dates and costs and register online.​ 

Home composting

There are a lot of ways to do your bit for the environment and composting is an easy one. When we throw away green waste, such as food scraps or lawn clippings, it ends up in our landfill. Composting is an inexpensive, natural way to deal with this waste. Composting will help you reduce green house gas production and decrease landfill deposits while saving you money and improving your garden. 

Find out more about home composting.

Home composting workshops

Want to learn how to compost? Come along to one of the workshops we're holding in partnership with Taupo Community Gardens in Taupo or Awhi Farm in Turangi that aim to educate interested residents on how to make composting work for them in their own back​yards. 

Check home composting workshop dates and register.


For more information on what you can and can't recycle see our Recycling webpage.


Commercial quantities of waste

For more about the Waste Register phone 0800 668 4769.

For more about commercial quantities of waste oil phone 0800 725 8377 (charges apply).

Waste reduction

For more waste reduction information phone 0800 22 77 47

Agricultural or farm chemicals

For more about agricultural or farm chemical collection phone 0800 24 36 78 (charges may apply).

Problems with unaddressed advertising

Telephone the Marketing Association on 0800 111 081

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