Young drivers

​​​​Learning to d​​rive

We have developed a guide for young drivers​ that covers all of the essentials, from getting a learner licence through to moving onto a full drivers licence. Find out more about the skills and practice required, where to book your licence test, costs and timeframes, ​how to get in touch with local driving instructors ​and courses and workshops we recommend for learner drivers.

A guide to driver licencing in the Taupo District

Choosing​​ the right vehic​le 

Safer vehicle choices don’t have to be the newest, most expensive or biggest models. Used car safety ratings show there are a number of makes and models with 4 or 5-star safety ratings that can be affordable and appropriate.​

Managing distraction, fatigue, speed​, restraints, and impaired driving

Young drivers are not as efficient as more experienced drivers in processing the visual information needed to drive safely while attending non-driving tasks at the same time. 

Teenagers often don’t get enough sleep. Crashes resulting from driver fatigue are the most severe. Young drivers can underestimate how changing conditions, such as wet weather, can increase road risk. Moderating speed can significantly reduce road deaths and serious injuries.

The zero alcohol limit applies to all drivers under 20 years old. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a learner, restricted or full licence.

» Discuss these issues with your young driver and consider developing an agreement with conditions and incentives. 

Holden Street Smart programme replaces Driver Directions​

Taupo District Council has concluded its Driver Directions programme in 2018, in lieu of Holden New Zealand running a nationwide initiative aimed at young drivers, Holden Street Smart

The new Holden programme is based on what we were running, with some familiar faces still involved with driver instruction and other supporting roles at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park.  

The Driver Directions programme has been running since 2009, initiated by Taupo District Council, New Zealand Police and various community partners. Over 500 young locals and their parents have attended since that time.​ 

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